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Meet LightFreq, the tiny lightbulb that does music and smart notifications

Updated Aug 5th, 2014 2:19PM EDT
Kickstarter: LightFreq Smart Light Bulb

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LightFreq is the name of a new product seeking funding on Kickstarter that describes itself as a “genius multi-functioning HD audio light bulb that offers an audio system, wake-up mode, phone alerts, intercom,” and other features. The light bulb is supposed to fit any regular light fitting and lamp and wirelessly connect with a smartphone in order for users to customize their LightFreq experience via a special app.

The light bulb offers HD Audio that’s supposedly better than Apple’s Beats Pills audio and lets users enjoy stereo music when two LightFreqs are connected.

When it comes to notifications, the device will let users assign a certain color to different types of notifications, and the lightbulb will blink in that specified color when a new notification comes in.

The device can also be used for communication purposes in Intercom mode, but also in alarm mode. The device also has a neat proximity feature that will turn lights on and off depending on your relative position to a room.

LightFreq needs to raise $50,000 to become reality, and has 30 days to do it, with the cheapest device available at just $55 via Kickstarter – a pair of LightFreqs costs $125. Once the project is funded, LightFreq light bulbs will start shipping in February 2015.

A video showing off this new smart light bulb, and the full press release, follow below.

LightFreq – The First Genius Hybrid HD Audio Light Bulb – Now On Kickstarter

Incredible new invention arrives on crowd-funding site in a burst of music and color

August 5, 2014 – Atlanta, Georgia— Today LightFreq launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. An electrifying marriage of vision and sound, LightFreq is set to revolutionize the way we light our living spaces, and is offering some great rewards to backers, with Early Bird packages available from $55.

Anyone can use LightFreq for their home – it fits in any standard light fixture, so simply swap your regular light bulb for a world of light and music at your fingertips. LightFreq takes the elements of a light bulb, HD music player, dimmer switches and more, and wraps them up into one unique space saving item, whilst creating a totally customizable environment for your home or office. All functions of the LightFreq can work independently; so whether you just want light, just want sound, or if you want to create a fully immersive environment, the LightFreq has all options covered in one bulb.

An easy-to-use companion app allows anyone to control their surroundings through the LightFreq bulb. From your smart device you can control the level of light, volume of sound, and even the precise hue and color the LightFreq produces. In addition, LightFreq can adapt its color, speed and mood to the genre of music you chose to play through it, with over 16million color options and combinations available. So, whether you’d like a soothing cool blue hue to calm you post work, or purple to get the party started, LightFreq offers total mood stimulation at the touch of an app.

Even without the companion app, anyone can still stream their music to the LightFreq via Bluetooth. So however you choose your tunes, LightFreq has you covered and colored.

Devon Alli, LightFreq Founder, and his team comments “We’re thrilled to be bringing this project to Kickstarter. Its community has such a strong passion for innovation, and they truly understand our desire to offer a unique, futuristic, desirable product that’s worthy of their backing. Finally getting to share the result of all our hard work with them is an exciting prospect, and we can’t wait to see the community’s reaction to LightFreq!”

As well as being able to customize all light and sound throughout your home, LightFreq offers some additional features to make life a breeze. If you’re the type that leaves your phone on silent, and prone to leaving it in another room and missing all-important calls, texts and alerts, you can sync the LightFreq to your phone. A flash of color in your LightFreq will let you know if someone in trying to get in touch, and you need never be left out of the loop again.

Taking communication a step further. LightFreq can also operate as an intercom. Simply speak into your smart device via the companion app for your voice to be transferred to any of the LightFreq bulbs in your home.

Backers on Kickstarter can become involved with this exciting project for as little as $1, with exclusive playlists, early app access, and special limited edition Kickstarter version of the LightFreq up for grabs. Big time backers will receive even greater rewards, with the opportunity to deck out your entire home or office with LightFreqs, making your place the pinnacle of light and sound.

· ​ ​Built in microphone for the intercom with adjustable sensitivity.
· ​ ​Dual RGB-W L.E.D. rings provide natural whites and stunning colors
· ​ ​ LightFreq uses 17 watts of power when on (.8 watts in standby) while still producing 800 lumens
· ​ ​ 360 Degree Beam Angle
· ​ ​ 16 million colors
· ​ ​ 40,000 hours lifetime
· ​ ​ 100-240v
· ​ ​ 800 lumens
· ​ ​ E26 Edison screw
· ​ ​ Bayonet connection (Euro number B22 or B22D)
· ​ ​ RGB-W dual LED light rings
· ​ ​ 5 watt speaker 60 hertz to 20 kHz frequency response
· ​ ​ -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius working temperature
· ​ ​ Bluetooth protocol: A2DPV1.2 AVCRPV1.0 DIV1.3
· ​ ​ 120 Ac to 240 voltage Lamp power 17 watts
· ​ ​ Utilities need to get: CE, ROHS, FCC
· ​ ​ 20 meters Bluetooth distance
· ​ ​ Built in mic: sensitivity -16 to +30 decibels
· ​ ​ IP51 waterproof level

You can back LightFreq on the Kickstarter page now; starting at $55.

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