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iPhone firmware 1.1.3 surfaces with much needed fixes

After turning out a couple of quick releases earlier this year, Apple has been a bit slow on the iPhone firmware updates as of late. It looks like they’ve been hard at work, however, as the recently leaked 1.1.3 update seems to include a number of relatively minor, yet welcome changes. If this turns out to be legit, 1.1.3 now allows users to send SMS messages to more than 1 recipient at a time. It’s almost criminal that it has taken over 6 months to get this feature out the door, but we’re nonetheless happy to see it. Google Maps has received a couple of notable enhancements, with the new version allowing for location pinpointing by way of cell tower triangulation (pseudo GPS). Google Maps is also now able to display in hybrid mode. Lastly, the home screen has received a couple of tweaks, including the ability to re-arrange icons by dragging and dropping, support for web-bookmarks as icons, and Summer Board-style page views. That’s all for now, though we wouldn’t be shocked if they slip a couple more changes in there before the official release.

[Via Gizmodo]


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