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The best way to get your bent iPhone replaced

October 6th, 2014 at 12:05 PM
iPhone 6 Plus Bent Replacement

Is “Bendgate” a serious problem for anyone who owns the iPhone 6 Plus or is it just an overblown nonissue? Regardless of how you feel about it, some iPhone 6 Plus users really are reporting that the device is bending with normal use. And if you find that your 6 Plus has bent even slightly during normal use, it looks like you thankfully have an easy way to get it replaced just by taking it to the Apple Store.

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One iPhone 6 Plus owner has written on Reddit about his experience with bringing the device to an Apple Store, where he explained how the device bent slightly even though he doesn’t wear skinny jeans and even though he never put it in his back pocket. He said that Apple happily took the device off his hands and offered him a replacement even though he never asked anyone at the store to give him a new phone.

The owner said that the Apple Store was happy to collect the defective iPhones as part of its EFFA (Early Field Failure Analysis) program where the company will tear the phones apart and try to figure out exactly what went wrong.

“I think what helped us get our phones replaced is we went in not expecting anything, but just wanted to make Apple aware of the problem, rather than going in and demanding a new phone,” the owner wrote. “Hope this helps other people, the more we go to Apple and show them our 6+’s bending under regular use, more likely they will admit there is a problem and make it right.”

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