We don’t often cover smartphone cases here on BGR. When we do, however, we typically focus specifically on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus because the sad fact of the matter is that these new Apple smartphones are accidents waiting to happen. They’re incredibly slim and the aluminum housings are very slippery. As a result, it’s all too easy for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to slide out of your hand during usage, and we all know that even a short drop can be disastrous if the phone lands at a bad angle.

The cases we cover are often expensive because, as far as we’re concerned, if you have to cover up the iPhone’s beautiful design you should probably do it with something stylish. We sometimes get requests for cheaper iPhone 6 case options though, so we’ve done some digging and we may have hit the jackpot.

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Buried deep on Amazon’s website, we found a hard case by a company called Invellop. Dubbed “Thin Fit,” the case has received good reviews and it fits very snug around Apple’s latest iPhones.

Best of all, it starts at just $3.95.

Invellop’s Thin Fit iPhone 6 cases come in 12 different colors, and seven of them cost just $3.95 including dark gray, silver, red and even gold. Other color options, such as a completely clear case, cost about $9 each.

Of note, shipping is $4.99 for these cases and they are not eligible for Amazon Prime. Still, that brings the grand total for this slim hard case to just $8.94 shipped for each of the seven colors that cost $3.95. That’s a great price for a decent hard case.

Here’s a link to the cases on Amazon’s site:

Invellop Thin Fit iPhone 6 case – $3.95

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