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iPhone 3GS jailbreak delayed by Dev Team; patience, young grasshoppers

History shows us the Dev Team always works with the quickness, but this time the folks who have unleashed a world of new functionality for the iPhone are slowing things down. Before you fall flat on your back and start kicking and flailing around, know that there are very good reasons for the iPhone 3GS jailbreak delay. In a nutshell, not enough people have the 3GS in hand yet according to the Dev Team, and the exploit it attacks to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS is volatile — Apple is going to have a very easy time plugging the hole. Because there are a handful of issues in OS 3.0, the Team also feels OS 3.0.1 is extremely close to release. Oh, and Apple has to do something about that pesky ultrasn0w as well of course. For anyone wanting to jailbreak, just relax for a little while and let the Dev Team do its thing and do it right.