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A surprisingly small number of people have installed iOS 8 so far

September 18th, 2014 at 8:30 PM
iOS 8 Vs. iOS 7 Adoption

iOS 8 released with great fanfare on Wednesday but so far comparatively few people have downloaded it and installed it compared with last year’s big launch of iOS 7. 9to5Mac points us to new data from mobile marketing firm Fiksu showing that 18 hours after its release, iOS 8 is being adopted at a far slower pace than iOS 7 was over the same time period last year.

In fact, if we look at Fiksu’s chart below, we can see that iOS 8 adoption is lagging behind not only iOS 7 but behind iOS 6 over the same time period as well.

There’s no clear explanation for why iOS 8 adoption might be lagging behind, although 9to5Mac speculates that this is more of a return to the mean after people rushed to download iOS 7 onto their phones last year because that platform offered the most radical redesign of iOS since its launch.

That said, although iOS 8 certainly isn’t as startling a change as the change between iOS 6 and iOS 7, it has added a lot of new features that should make it very compelling to users, including the additions of extensions that will let your apps communicate more easily with one another and actionable notifications that let you interact with your apps in the notifications center without actually opening them.

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