Popular image sharing site imgur has launched a new tool that’ll make many Internet users happy, particularly the ones who are constantly making GIFs out of various videos. The online tool — aptly called “video to GIF” — lets users simply paste a video URL and then create a great GIF file.

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Users can easily move back and forth in the chosen video and even add text overlays. Once they’re happy with their selection, imgur will do the hard work and package everything into an animated GIF image.

As Engadget points out, the results are much better than regular GIF files, as imgur exports them as GIFV files, which have higher quality than regular GIF files and are much smaller.

Once the GIF is created, a user can share it with friends using a variety of social networks, and embed it into websites, just like the short GIF at the end of this post.

Imgur’s isn’t the only such tool available to users, as YouTube has also rolled out a GIF conversion tool that lets users create animations from any YouTube video — for more details about that conversion tool, check out this post.

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