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i.Beat.Blaxx wins “Most Racist MP3 Player” award

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 5:52PM EST

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Seriously. We couldn’t have made this one up…it’s that bad. German company Trekstor has just dropped a new DAP. Spec wise, this thing can certainly hold its own, sporting 2GB or 4GB of internal storage, a built in FM tuner, mini-USB jack , and a pretty sweet design aesthetic. It even comes bundled with a set of Sennheiser ear phones. Not too shabby, right? Sure, but we haven’t gotten to the best/worst part. What happens when a German company is faced with the need to name and market a new, youth oriented digital audio player? How do they set themselves apart from the masses? Call it the i.Beat. Blaxx. That’s what. We find it hard to believe that any corporation, German, Latvian, Ugandan, Russian, whatever, could be stupid enough to knowingly pull a move like this…but by the same token, we’re equally flummoxed that a company could unknowingly pull a move like this.  We smell an angry Al Sharpton, several late night talk show debates, and an apology in the air. Or are we taking this the totally wrong way? Don’t take our mock convo the wrong way either, mmkay?

UPDATE: Trekstor has done the right move, and renamed the DAP just, “Blaxx.” A little better, right?

Black male: Yo, what’s poppin my ninja?

White male: Hi, Gene.

Black Male: Ain’t nothin’. Aww man damn, is that the new iPod that you can like, you know, touch, and check out YouTube on? Aww damn! I could be chillin’ at the Subways, and be like all up on that, checkin’ out that dumb girl from South Carolina, son.

White Male: Uh, no. It’s this totally new digital audio player. It’s actually really cool, and pretty exciting. You get all of the features you’ve come to expect in a mobile MP3 player, in a small. light, and affordable package.

Black Male: Word, B.

White Male: Yeps!

Black Male: What’s it called, kid.

White Male: Lowers his voice, and tries to mumble, “i.Beat Blaxx”

Black Male: “Say what? Oh hell no you did not just…”

We’ll check up on White Male in the hospital a little later on in the week…

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