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HTC shipping devices with sub-par drivers?

January 20th, 2008 at 11:58 AM

There’s a bit of tension building over at over the OTB HTC device drivers. It seems that a significant number of HTC owners have experienced sub-par performance from their handsets, with the TyTN II, aka AT&T Tilt, aka HTC Kaiser seemingly at the top of the hit list. Some clever developers have traced the issue back to the on-board Direct 3D (D3D) drivers. These D3D drivers are the bits of software that handle all drawing operations, including video playback, gaming, and much more. There is apparently also a problem with the touchscreen drivers that is responsible for significant device slowdown whenever you touch the screen. The flaw can be exposed by attempting to adjust audio levels during video playback, an operation which seems to bring the device to a momentary halt. According to the folks over at XDA, all HTC devices based on the MSM7200 and MSM7500 Qualcomm chipsets are affected, which is a signficant percentage of the company’s current offerings. We have no word of a response from HTC yet, but there’s growing discontent, and many of the XDA members have signed an online petition asking HTC to release updated drivers to improve device performance. Have any of you experienced these issues? Care to weigh in?

Thanks, to everyone who sent this one in!


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