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Live from HTC’s Windows Phone press conference

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 8:36PM EST

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We’re live at HTC’s (2498) press conference , which is set to get started in just a few minutes. What will HTC announce? Will it be the rumored Droid Incredible X ‘phablet’ with a 5-inch 1080p resolution display? The Windows Phone 8-powered HTC 8X? Or perhaps the HTC One X+ with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? Rumors suggest HTC has some Windows Phone news in store and whatever the company announces, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Will it be enough to keep Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 5 and Samsung’s (005930) Galaxy smartphones from stealing the holiday season? Hit the break for our live coverage of HTC’s press conference, which is scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m. EDT, 8:00 a.m. PDT.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out our hands-on look at the Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S!

11:43AM:And that’s a wrap everyone. Thanks for reading today’s BGR liveblog of the HTC 8X and 8S.

11:42AM:8X and 8S will be available in November on 150+ carriers in 50+ countries. In the U.S. on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

11:41AM:Does that mean that Nokia is getting short-changed?

11:41AM:Mackenzie: Microsoft and HTC will position the 8X and 8S as THE SIGNATURE Windows Phones to buy.

11:40AM:Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC is out on stage now.

11:40AM:Croyle: These phones are the true heroes that Windows Phone has been waiting for.

11:38AM:Beats Audio is coming to Windows Phone for the first time ever. A dedicated amplifier pumps more power to the headphones for higher treble, deeper bass, and more clarity. Sounds great!

11:38AM:The front camera is also an ultra-wide 88-degree lens, so it can capture you and all of your friends. The best front camera on a phone ever, apparently.

11:37AM:Croyle is now talking about how awesome the camera is on the 8X – f/2.0 aperture. The camera reduces noise, enhances color accuracy. The front camera is also 2.1-megapixel camera that does 1080p HD video with f/2.0 lens.

11:36AM:Croyle says that once you hold the 8X and 8S, you’ll instantly feel like you’ve never held a phone like them before…

11:34AM:The front glass is curved and made from Gorilla Glass.

11:34AM:Croyle is not joking. There are a lot of color combinations for both of these phones.

11:33AM:Croyle: Color has always been an integral part of Windows Phone. We envisioned bringing alive [the phones] with color. We’re really proud of the details that went into the phones.

11:31AM:There are 245 micro-drilled speaker holes on the 8X.

11:31AM:Croyle: The 8X and 8S has a unibody construction. The camera and buttons are all flush with the body.

11:30AM:Croyle: The components are stacked like a pyramid.

11:30AM:Croyle: The phone is a simple and pure embodiment of Windows Phone 8’s tiles.

11:29AM:Croyle: “We want to create a symbiotic philosophy between the virtual and physical.”

11:28AM:Croyle is saying phones have become bland and heavy and that HTC wanted to build a device that stood out in the market.

11:28AM:Croyle: The visual design of Windows Phone 8 is modern and unmistakably fresh. This is why I love Windows Phone.

11:27AM:Scott Croyle, VP of design at HTC is on stage now.

11:27AM:Chou is talking up the lovely array of colors the 8X and 8S is coming out in.

11:26AM:Chou says that the 8X and 8S have power. “It’s what you expect from HTC.”

11:26AM:Ballmer is off the stage and Chou is back on.

11:25AM:Ballmer: This is the year of Windows 8 PCs and Windows Phone.

11:25AM:Ballmer just said that the name Windows Phone 8X and 8S are not confusing names at all…We’ll see about that…

11:23AM:Ballmer: 8S has iconic design: smooth, rounded, killer cameras.

11:23AM:Ballmer: The experience on WP8 is unlike any other. HTC built this hardware from the ground up to showcase Windows Phone software.

11:23AM:Chou: These are the first phones designed from inside out to put people first. Everything is in perfect harmony.

11:22AM:It looks like there are two devices: Windows Phone 8X and 8S.

11:21AM:Video is playing now of HTC’s new Windows Phone 8-powered HTC 8X.

11:20AM:Ballmer: What we are revealing today is HTC and Microsoft’s biggest endeavor yet.

11:20AM:Ballmer: Right at your fingertips are the people and things that really matter in your life. The phones that Microsoft and HTC are revealing today are really beautiful, beautiful.

11:19AM:Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 is the most personal experience created ever for a phone.

11:18AM:Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just arrived on stage!

11:18AM:Chou: We have to take a completely fresh approach. We need a breakthrough. We need an iconic phone.

11:17AM:Chou says he spoke with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on how to make something different for WP8.

11:17AM:Chou says Windows Phone 8 puts what’s important infront of you — front and center.

11:16AM:“The UI is just so simple and fluid.”

11:16AM:HTC says it has more experience making Windows Phone than anyone and has sold more Windows Phones than anyone. “When people try Windows Phone 8 phones for the first time, it just clicks.”

11:15AM:“You will see what happens when beautiful software inspires beautiful hardware.”

11:15AM:“Today you’re going to see how HTC and Microsoft will bring all new experiences.”

11:14AM:“The power of mobile continues to amaze me.”

11:13AM:We’re seated and the CEO of HTC Peter Chou is kicking the event off!

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