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‘Bendgate’ claims yet another Apple fan’s iPhone 6

How To Replace Bent iPhone 6

Even though Apple has tried to minimize Bendgate-related iPhone 6 issues, many buyers have nonetheless experienced accidental phone bending, which has prompted them to share their stories online. One such case is The Verge’s Dan Seifert, who also noticed his six-weeks-old iPhone 6 was bent after regular usage. However, Seifert also said that his experience replacing his damaged phone was a rather pleasant one, with Apple retail store staff immediately handling the matter for him.

FROM EARLIER: Proof Apple knows the ‘Bendgate’ problem is much more serious than it publicly admitted

“Following Apple’s instructions, I used my bent iPhone to schedule an appointment at the Apple Store’s Genius Bar for the following morning,” he wrote. “I went to the store for my appointment, explained the situation to the employee, who then confirmed that the device was indeed bent without any obvious signs of abuse. I was then given a replacement iPhone and sent on my merry way. The whole process took less than a half an hour. From the time that I discovered my iPhone was bent to having a new phone in my hand was about 12 hours. Apple replaced the damaged phone under warranty at no cost to me, even though I had originally purchased the device from AT&T and not Apple itself. I’d never paid for any extended warranty or AppleCare Plus.”

Seifert further added that he used his personal address to set the appointment and did not identify himself as a journalist in the process.

When asked how often they had to replace bent iPhone 6 units, Apple employees said that “of the thousands of people they helped, they’d only seen it a couple of times,” and that in other cases, the phone also had significantly more damage, like cracked screens.

Apple is apparently keeping track of bend-related iPhone 6 returns, a reader told BGR recently, even though it has been downplaying the matter in public statements.

An image showing Seifert bent iPhone 6 follows below, while his full story is available at the source link.

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