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Everything you need to know about ‘Homeland’ season 6

Based on the Israeli series Prisoners of War, Showtime’s Homeland has consistently been one of the best shows on TV for a number of years now. Seasons 1 and 2 in particular are, in my opinion, bonafide classics that deliver some of the most thrilling and suspenseful action to ever hit the screen.

With the sixth season of Homeland set to premiere in 2017, executive producer Alex Gansa answered a few questions about the highly anticipated season during a recent panel session at the Television Critics Association press tour. As for some basic logistics, it was revealed that season six will begin shooting next week and is slated to premiere on January 15, 2017. Additionally, Gansa believes that season 8 will likely be the show’s last.

Now as for nitty-gritty details surrounding the upcoming season, Gansa was thankfully willing to give us a few interesting tidbits of information along with a few teasers for good measure.

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Right off the bat, Gansa explained that Quinn is still alive, a notable admission given the harrowing ending of season 5. As for the overarching plot, Gansa said that season six takes place a few months after season 5 ends and will take place during a very specific time frame — the months between the U.S. election and the Presidential inauguration. Also interesting is that the President-elect in season six — a character named Elizabeth Keane — is described as being “a little bit Hillary, a little bit Donald Trump” and a little bit Bernie Sanders.

Intriguing, to say the least.

As for overarching plot points, our sister site Variety was in attendance at the panel and relayed some of the more interesting details about what we can expect to see in season six.

  • Counterterrorism policies in the U.S. will be the big focus of season six. As will the practical application of Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran — the pact that has faced so much criticism during Donald Trump’s real-life presidential campaign. Those themes are a direct result of “Homeland” producers’ annual field trip to Washington, D.C. to take the pulse of intelligence officials. “We talked about the Iran nuclear deal, so that’s a fairly big part of the show, and also about how law enforcement in this country is treating the Muslim community right now, and how they’ve been treating the Muslim community since 9/11,” Gansa said. “There are strong feelings on both sides.”
  • Saul Berenson and F. Murray Abraham’s Dar Adal will be in charge of briefing the president-elect on the realpolitik of national security crises. Gansa described Dar as the ultimate example of the “permanent government” that rules the country no matter who lives in the White House. “Dar’s the ultimate barnacle on the side of the intelligence ship, and probably the most threatened by Elizabeth Keane,” Gansa said. “He’s a firm believer that the ends justify the means.”
  • Saul and Carrie will still be at odds, but they also still have an unbreakable bond. Carrie is not likely to take up Saul’s offer to rejoin the CIA. “There has been a split that they’ve been working on repairing over the course of the past couple of seasons,” Danes said. “I think that Saul has committed himself even more fully to the agency, and Carrie rejects some fundamental principles of it. They are so profoundly bonded, that’s not anything that they will be able to rid themselves of, nor would they want to. She’s matured into a very different place from where he has matured to.”

Make sure to hit the source link below for the full rundown of information regarding season 6 of Homeland.

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