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Google may use Motorola acquisition to emulate Apple’s iPhone strategy

Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility currently awaits regulatory approval in China and then it will be complete. When the Internet giant proposed the buyout last summer, it confirmed that it planned to protect its Android mobile operating system with Motorola’s extensive patent portfolio. The company also ensured partners that a “firewall” would be put in place between the development of Android and Motorola’s handset division. According to a recent report, however, Google may have originally wanted to buy Motorola for its patents, but it has come to realize that it would rather follow in Apple’s footsteps. Read on for more.

The Mountain View-based company wants to design and sell its own smartphone hardware and software, similar to what Apple does with iOS and the iPhone and iPad, Business Insider reported on Tuesday. Google may not pursue this plan due to strong objections from a number of its partners according to the report. An executive who purportedly met with one of Google’s partners told Business Insider that every conversation during their meeting ended with anger and dismay towards Google, and there is a chance that Google’s Android partners will try to band together and demand that it sell Motorola’s handset business.