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New details emerge on Google’s next big Android Lollipop update

Google Android 5.1 Features

Although most of us haven’t even gotten Android 5.0 Lollipop yet, that hasn’t stopped Google from getting Android 5.1 ready for release. One of Android Police’s tipsters reveals that Android 5.1 Lollipop has started rolling out with low-cost Android One phones in Indonesia. Given that Google is jumping all the way from Android 5.0.3 to Android 5.1, it’s pretty safe to say that this will be a much bigger step up than your typical bug-fixing update.

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The full change log isn’t out yet, but Android Police’s source has discovered at least one new feature: The ability change Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections from the Quick Settings menu.

“Google has tweaked the behavior of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings toggles/widgets from the Lollipop Quick Settings menu to allow users to connect to networks or devices without going into the full-page settings menu,” writes Android Police. “In 5.1 the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth text includes a little arrow pointing down, indicating expandable functionality. Touch the text on an upgraded phone or tablet and you’ll open a small list of the closest Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices.”

This isn’t the biggest new feature around but we’re sure that bigger features will be revealed once the full change log comes out.

To learn more about Android 5.1, check out Android Police’s two reports at the source links below.

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