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BlackBerry Nine Thou-what? Bring on the BlackBerry 9100!

April 17th, 2008 at 1:51 PM

If the delayed impact of the Canadian tidal wave hasn’t been completely underwhelming of late, it appears another new BlackBerry could be hiding around the corner. Throw down the red carpet and bring out the welcoming party, as it seems the next BlackBerry device – after the BlackBerry 9000 – will be the BlackBerry 9100.

Now, at first glance, the “|9100” reference may seem to pop out at you, right? However, what is really catching my eye is the reference to “External Display”.

Do we see the BlackBerry 9100 in Vodafone’s Crystal Ball? The Magic Eight Ball says “Definitely Maybe”.

From Dimension to Precision, there’s only one question to be asked – is it DoCoMo or Vodafone? Hmm.

Here’s one sign that AT&T will launch the BlackBerry 9000, although we’re curious as to what resides in the ‘Captive Portal’ – sounds kind of kinky to me. Upon further investigation, it appears to be the AT&T Wi-Fi service (SSID=attwifi, Authentication Secret=wifipass, etc).

Perhaps most surprising to me is the mention of T-Mobile USA with respect to the BlackBerry 9000. The “error translator” is for the GAN/UMA technology.

That’s about all from this side of the tracks.

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