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BlackBerry Internet Service 3.1 gets detailed

Updated 4 years ago

Hot on the heels of the release of BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0, RIM has just posted the details for BIS 3.1 in the BlackBerry Technical Solutions Center. The main enhancement to be brought forth in BIS 3.1 is wireless contact synchronization support — something which Gmail users have been enjoying for a while now — but for Alt-N, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts, things get a little murky (the latter two require OS 6.0). Synchronizations will be scheduled to occur every four hours. Less noteworthy but something that people who constantly swap ‘Berries should take note of, is that you’ll no longer be able to log into your BIS account through a computer, swap your PIN and then use a different device. From BIS 3.1 onwards, you’ll first need to insert the SIM card currently tied to your BIS account into the new phone, log into BIS, swap the PIN and then proceed as normal. CDMA users will have to contact their carrier. Happy? Sad? Wondering when you’ll be able to wirelessly sync your calendars? Let us know your thoughts!