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BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8210 coming to AT&T soon?

We know the BlackBerry 8900 has been slated as an AT&T device forever. Heck, Giz’s unit was AT&T branded, and then there’s also the mysterious vanishing act it pulled at CES. We also outed the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8210 (oh no, RIM isn’t even close to being done with the confusing models/different features) and that looks to be the unit AT&T is going to be launching first (we believe the 8220 will come to AT&T as well later). What everyone has been wondering, however, is when will these devices will actually see the light of day on AT&T. We just got some information that corroborates with what we’ve heard, but it isn’t from one of our normal tipsters. If you’re still interested, we have been told the BlackBerry 8900 is scheduled for a February release (we also heard the SKU is now appearing in AT&T’s systems), and that the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8210 is coming in March. Verizon isn’t going to be the only one, it seems. We haven’t got word on pricing yet, but we’d imagine you’ll see the Curve 8900 for around $199 and the Flip for around $99. Possibly lower if AT&T really wants to churn and burn.

P.S. The date also seems right because it does lineup with AT&T phasing out those EDGE devices. These could very well be the last of the Mohicans. Yeah, we totally said that.

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