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An engineer has come up with a brilliant new cooler design that beer lovers will adore

Published Apr 25th, 2015 11:00AM EDT
Best Kickstarter Projects BevPod Cooler

With summer less than two months away, you’re probably thinking about going on some fun outdoor excursions that involve taking some beer with you in a cooler. However, the current coolers on the market are something of a bummer since they tend to be both heavy and unwieldy. Denver-based engineer Scotty Allen is trying to change all that, however, with a brilliant new cooler design that will make bringing beer along with you to picnics and hikes easier than ever before.

The BevPod, which is now trying to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter, is a cooler that’s only three inches thin but that nonetheless holds 10 cans or 6 bottles and makes sure they’re cold when you’re ready to crack them open. The cooler’s design is wonderfully simple: It looks a bit like an old CD wallet that’s been lined slim, foldable reusable ice packs that you can stick back in your freezer once you’re done with them.

To get your own BevPod, you’ll have to donate $34 or more, as all the available BevPod early bird price options have already been taken. Allen estimates that the BevPod will ship in September 2015 as long as the project reaches its fundraising goal of $25,000. As of this writing, it’s at just over $11,500 with 34 days to go.

To check out BevPod for yourself, be sure to click here.

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