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Apple wants you to help you find quality iOS games, not pay-to-win freemium scams

February 12th, 2015 at 6:00 PM
Best iOS Games App Store

You know what really suck? Free-to-play games that are actually miserable to play unless you fork over money for in-app purchases. Thankfully, Apple is doing something to help steer people away from these horrible creations and help them find games that will charge you once upfront and then never ask you for money again.

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MacStories points out that a new update to the App Store has added a specific category for “Pay Once and Play” games that are completely free of annoying microtransactions. Among the highlights are such favorites as Threes!, XCOM: The Enemy Within and Minecraft: Pocket Edition, all of which will offer you hours of entertainment and will never make you fork over more money to progress to new levels.

This is also a particularly helpful new category for parents, many of whom have complained in recent months that mobile games make it too easy for their kids to authorize microtransactions that can quickly balloon into hundreds of dollars.

Speaking personally, we prefer to pay for games up front rather than download them for free and then get spammed with microtransaction requests and we’re glad to see Apple helping out others who feel the same way.

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