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Hilarious Google Now trick fools your phone into adopting a British accent

Best Google Now Tricks

Ever wish that your Android smartphone could sound a tad more posh? Well now there’s a way. YouTube user shadow321337 has posted a new video that shows how you can trick Google Now into adopting a British accent in the easiest possible way: By speaking to it in a British accent.

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Over at Reddit, shadow321337 explains that you can get Google Now to speak both American-style English and British-style English by setting the device to have two different locales of the same language. Once you do this, you can talk to it in either an American or British accent and “it will respond with whatever accent you use as input.”

To demonstrate this trick, shadow321337 put together a short video demonstration that showed him being told the length of the Golden Gate Bridge in two completely different accents. shadow321337’s faux British accent leaves a lot to be desired as well, so it looks like you only need to speak in a marginally British manner for the trick to work.

Check out the full video below.


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