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AT&T lights a fire under TDMA customers

…to the tune of $9.99. That’s the sum the company is now charging customers who, for whatever reason, refuse to leave their grandfathered TDMA AT&T Blue plans. According to subscriber accounts, the fee has recently been upped from $4.99 to the current $9.99. Many customers are reluctant to give up the “Blue” plans due to grandfathered features and rate plans/prices that no longer exist within AT&T’s current plan structure. The company has been trying to urge customers off of their old TDMA network for quite a while now, offering a strange combination of incentives and decreased service quality to lure the grandfathered subscribers. Perhaps AT&T should just allow these customers to join the Orange/New Blue network with their old plans…it could certainly save them some hassle, as many of these customers seem committed to hanging on until the bitter end. As some of our readers have pointed out, it’s important to note that this fee increase only impacts AT&T “Blue” customers on the dying TDMA network. “Blue” customers on the GSM network are unaffected. Well, their service will shutoff completely anyway soon so…holdout as long as you can guys!

Thanks, Mike!

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