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App Stores apps are one month wonders?

According to the same media research group that brought us the evidence of a brand new iPhone stretching its legs on the internet, a free application downloaded from Apple’s App Store has a less than 5 percent chance of being used for more than 30 days. In fact, only 20 percent of free applications are used on more than one occasion signaling that – surprise, surprise – the App Store is filled with copious amounts of crap. As for paid applications, many assume a fee equates to higher quality and content compared to a free application. Paid apps seemingly do not stand the test of time very well either however, and shockingly are less likely to be used multiple times than a free application. Aside from the adding random facts to that very special part of the brain that often scores free drinks at the bar, these statistics prove an important fact for developers  — free, ad-supported applications are not a good way to earn a buck despite the alluring CPM payments. To quote Pinch Media, “Unless there’s something inherent about the app that screams free, sell it.”

[Via AppleInsider]