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Too many Android apps? Don’t worry, this company’s got you Covered

Android Cover Lock Screen

One challenge for smartphone users is simply managing all the different apps we have — our main home screen is precious real estate where we store our 16 or so most-used apps but eventually that just isn’t good enough to meet our always-growing app needs. That’s where Cover comes is. Cover is an Android-based lock screen replacement that puts different apps on your lock screen depending on your location and the time of day. So when you’re at your office, for instance, Cover will put all of your most-used productivity apps right on your lock screen where you can access them instantly. Similarly, the software will pull up navigation apps when you’re in your car, games and entertainment when you’re at home on your couch, and so forth.

The app isn’t yet available on Google Play, although you can add your name to a waiting list by signing up on Cover’s website. A quick video demonstration of Cover, which was designed by former Google employees who are also Android enthusiasts, follows below.

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