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Your friends will soon be able to gift you games right from the Xbox One store

xbox one game gifting

There’s probably nothing more frustrating for a video game fan than seeing your friends log on to play a game together when you don’t own that particular title. Well, begging your buddies to buy you games is about to get a whole lot easier, as long as you have an Xbox One. Microsoft is planning on adding a game gifting feature to the Xbox One store, allowing gaming buddies to send titles to each other in a much more streamlined and efficient way, according to a Twitter post by Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra.

The new feature, which does not have an official launch date as of yet, will likely work much the same way as it does on other game download services, such as Steam on PC. The option to gift the game to a friend is offered when completing a purchase, and then once accepted, the recipient can download the title at will and add it to their own game library.

Gifting specific titles is often seen as a superior way to share the love with your fellow games as compared to simply sending a digital gift card. With gift cards, remaining balances often get wasted or expire, and it’s a messy process overall. Paying for the games upfront and then sending them to whoever you want is clearly the way to go.

It makes a lot of sense, and considering that Xbox fans have been requesting a feature like this Xbox One in the same way they begged for it to be added to the Xbox 360 marketplace, it’s actually rather surprising that it’s taken this long.