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Hidden clue in ‘WandaVision’ episode 3 might tease a major MCU spoiler

Published Jan 26th, 2021 10:24PM EST
WandaVision Spoilers

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  • The third episode of WandaVision might contain a key spoiler for the future of the MCU.
  • Wanda sings a lullaby in Sokovian at one point during the show, which isn’t translated.
  • The Brazilian version of the show features subtitles in Portuguese for the song’s lyrics, which could tease a surprise revelation.

We’re three episodes into WandaVision, and we still don’t know who is pulling the strings. We knew from the trailers that Wanda would experience married life with Vision in a sitcom-like universe. The first three episodes have elaborated on that sort of the too-good-to-be-true life of the couple in Westview, but that’s about it.

The audience isn’t told who the villain is, although there are plenty of hints that fans of the comics can use to make educated guesses. Things will start picking up from Episode 4 that airs on Friday. After all, Episode 3 did offer us a major detail about what’s going on around Westview, so we’re bound to explore that idea. But it turns out that Episode 3 might contain a brilliant hidden clue that most people will have ignored by now. And that key detail might spoil one of the surprise villains of the show. Beware, significant spoilers might follow below.

Wanda seems to be in control of her dream universe, but that’s not quite accurate. Things do happen in this bubble without Wanda initiating them, and the phenomenons that preceded the birth of her twins best exemplify that. But Wanda is so powerful that she can clearly impact everything that’s happening in the universe. That might be the reason why the villain is putting Wanda through this imaginary world. It’s the only way to contain her somehow and avoid her wrath. In the real world, she would be a powerful adversary, and whatever the real villain wants from her would be a lot harder to obtain.

With that in mind, the idea that Wanda is doing her part of villainy in WandaVision does make sense, especially in light of rumors claiming that Scarlet Witch will be the surprise villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. What if Wanda is becoming evil in her own universe — well, she thinks it’s hers.

While Wanda seems to be in control most of the time in Westview, plenty of things happen without her explicit accord. Like the conversation with Monica about her brother Pietro. That’s when her long-gone Sokovian accent returns. And that’s when she starts singing a song to the newborn twins. It turns out that there’s an actual translation of the lullaby’s lyrics. YouTube channel New Rockstars obtained the translation of those lyrics from the Brazilian subtitles. That’s a detail most people who watched the show would have missed — here’s what Wanda is singing:

I waited for you / And this day has come / My heart became a home / Full of light / Full of light.

Now, this could be a regular Sokovian lullaby that doesn’t have any real meaning for the grander scheme of things. Marvel has a particular way of telling its MCU stories, leaving Easter eggs and clues in the open. The same goes for WandaVision. Just take the weird commercials that we saw in each of the three episodes. They’re related to the story, and there are various theories about them and the actors playing in them. The lullaby might be equally meaningful. After all, if it can be translated, then the entire audience should be aware of what it says, not just people watching in Brazil.

New Rockstar interprets the lyrics as an indication that Wanda may be responsible for what is happening in Westview. She might have been waiting for this all along — a family and kids with Vision — and did whatever it took for this day to come. This may have involved a deal with Agnes, herself one of the potential antagonists of the series. Agnes knows what’s going on in this fake universe. She might have her own reasons to play along, her own deal with the devil. Because, ultimately, Wanda may have inadvertently done a deal with the devil for this story to come to life, unaware that the devil is really looking to steal her powerful children.

Wanda also seems ready to do whatever it takes to stick with the plan, including rewinding reality when it doesn’t suit her. Wanda throws out Monica once her subconscious mind realizes that Monica does not belong and could threaten her imaginary world by bringing up reality. In other words, Wanda might not realize it, but she might be growing into a villain of the MCU. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

The good news is that Episode 4 will start answering questions. That much we know thanks to WandaVision head writer and executive producer Jac Schaeffer. “We will need to start answering some questions and clarifying what’s going on,” she told The Wrap. “I don’t want to spoil it by telling you how we do it, but there are answers to be had in the upcoming episodes.” While you wait, be sure to watch New Rockstar’s full theory about the evil that might be lying within Wanda.

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