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Episode 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ will run 15 minutes longer than usual

Walking Dead Episode 4

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been nothing short of incredibly violent and, in turn, controversial. Even though we’re just two episodes in at this point, it’s clear that the show’s writers are intent on taking Rick and the gang, not to mention viewers, down a path they haven’t yet been before. While we’re accustomed to seeing Rick and his crew either in complete control or in the midst of fighting for control over their own destiny, what we’ve seen thus far from season 7 is the exact opposite.

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After finally meeting Negan, the sociopathic leader of a group of violent and unmerciful individuals collectively known as The Saviors, Rick made it abundantly clear (via previews for upcoming episodes) that the group now answers to Negan and Negan alone. And while last week’s episode, The Well, focused on a newly established community called the Kingdom that comically happens to be run by an eccentric zookeeper called King Ezekiel, it’s only a matter of time before we see Negan and his crew set their sights on Alexandria.

From what we’ve seen thus far, that impending plot point will occupy the spotlight during the show’s fourth episode slated to air on November 13. And interestingly enough, a new report from Entertainment Weekly relays that next week’s episode will be much longer than previous episodes.

While a typical Walking Dead episode checks in at about 60 minutes (with commercials), the November 13th episode will reportedly be 85 minutes. I suppose that when Negan introduces himself to a new cast of characters, he likes to take his dear time.

With the previews for the upcoming episode pointing to a Daryl and Dwight-centric story, the group won’t be making their not-so-triumphant return to their home base until episode 4, where they can expect to see an unwelcomed face. The logline for the Nov. 13 installment: “The remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit.”

Indeed, given what we saw happen to both Abraham and Glenn, Negan is nothing if not sobering.

With episode 3 of the current season of The Walking Dead set to air in just a few hours, we’ll make sure to keep you posted once any new trailers for episode 4 hit the web. And given that next week’s episode will be afforded more running time than usual, it’s a safe bet that the episode — titled Service — will be a doozy.

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