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These water-powered ‘Star Wars’ speeder bikes are a nerd dream come true

Published Dec 8th, 2016 10:03PM EST

The undeniably cool speeder bikes featured prominently in the third Star Wars installment, Return of The Jedi, are one of those sci-fi staples that we never expected to see realized by modern technology. Leave it to YouTube star Devin Super Tramp to throw that notion out the window and actually assemble a team that makes them a reality. Well, sort of.

In a new mini fan film, those iconic levitating bikes break free from their fictional foundations thanks to some impressive handiwork and help from Jetovator. Jetovator is the company behind those water-powered jet bikes that you may have seen attracting onlookers at your local watering hole, and for the purposes of the geeky fan short, several Jetovators were heavily modified to look similar to speeder bikes from a galaxy far, far away.

The actual film is just a few minutes long, and very B-Movie in its execution, but it’s a fun watch and pretty entertaining nonetheless. But what’s probably even more impressive than the goofy short is the making-of video where we get to see how the bikes were born.

The Jetovators, which require a personal watercraft and an experienced operator to supply the horsepower and rapid water flow to the bike itself, got a duct tape makeover to give them their sci-fi appearance. The same treatment was given to a pair of dirt bike helmets in order to nail the speeder pilot look. If you don’t examine any of it too closely, it all looks pretty spot-on, assuming you can ignore the giant jets of water spewing out of the speeders.