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Huge Marvel fan Kevin Smith explains exactly why Sony’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ will suck without the MCU

Published Sep 27th, 2019 7:31AM EDT
Spider-Man 3 vs. MCU
Image: J Maidment/Columbia/Marvel/Kobal/Shutterstock

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Spider-Man 3

is already in the works, with a first draft script already available, and we’ve found that out in the wake of the nasty Sony-Disney divorce, after which the former got the custody over Peter Parker. Sony, of course, is forced to make new Spider-Man films every few years to keep the movie rights for the character, and it apparently thinks it can replicate the Far From Home success without any MCU ties. We’ve told you a bunch of times that what made the last two Spider-Man flicks so enjoyable was the inclusion in the massive MCU storyline, something that’s never been done before in movie history, and certainly something Sony never attempted to do on its own. If you’re still hopeful that the third film in the new Spider-Man trilogy will somehow be just as good as the first two, even if there won’t be any other MCU characters in it, then you’re more optimistic about the future of your favorite hero than one of the biggest Marvel fans out there.

That’s Kevin Smith, who made no attempts during his FatMan Beyond podcast (via MCU Cosmic) to hide his dissatisfaction with Sony’s decision to remove Peter Parker from the MCU.

Far From Home is predicated on ‘I miss Tony’ so much if the next movie is like ‘Tony who? Where’s Uncle Ben?’, like it’s going to be a real f***king letdown I feel. But they still get to keep all those kids, right? Like all the people in this world are the same, they just can’t reference the Marvel Universe? It’s going to be a bummer, I really hope they figure that out.

Will Uncle Ben appear in Spider-Man 3? It’s still too early for that, but Smith does have a great point about the current state of Spider-Man affairs. Marvel’s involvement in Homecoming and Far From Home allowed Kevin Feige and Co. to “trap” the character inside a universe that falls apart without the MCU magic.

Moreover, Far From Home also did something for the character that would have probably never happened in a standalone Sony film. Spider-Man’s identity was revealed, and everybody knows who Peter Parker is. Sony is apparently ready to take advantage of that massive cliffhanger that both studios need to address in future films, as the company teased the post-credits scene again while promoting the home release of Far From Home.

Spider-Man 3 might deal with all of that but without any MCU references.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Feige did tease not too long ago that the cliffhanger sets the audience up for a “Peter Parker story that has never been done before on film,” but his comments came well before the Sony-Disney split.

Tom Holland, who played Spider-Man in five MCU films and will reprise his role for Spider-Man 3 — and beyond? — said that the events in the previous movies will have a significant influence on the third film’s script. The following comments came after the world found out Spider-Man is out of the MCU:

I think the best work I’ve ever done in any film is the scene with [Jon] Favreau on the plane, and that’s such a pivotal moment for the three films that we’re making — well, two films we’ve made, one film we’re making,” Holland said at the Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia a few days ago. It’s… I don’t really know how to describe it without giving stuff away. I’m really trying hard here [laughs].


The films have kind of like mirrored my life in a really, really weird and deep way. The first film was about me wanting to step up and become an Avenger, and then that happened, it came out, and my life changed. My life totally changed.

You know, being famous and growing up in the spotlight is kind of tough, and comes with its own set of challenges. So the second film, ‘I don’t know if this is who I want to be,’ and then by the end, I was like, ‘I’ve found where I belong,’ which is here with all you guys.

It’s interesting, in the third film… I don’t want to talk too much about what it will be about. There’s another deep connection to the next one for me, which will be really cool to bring to life.

From the looks of it, Sony will have a daunting task ahead, having to reference some of those pivotal MCU moments for Peter, without explicitly saying anything about them. Interestingly enough, Sony created that fake The Daily Bugle website in anticipation of the Far From Home Blu-ray release that makes explicit references to the events in Infinity War and Endgame without mentioning any trademark MCU property.

Image source: Sony

Getting back to Kevin Smith’s comments, we can only hope that Sony figures out a clever way to get out of this predicament. Or that Sony and Disney find common ground for a new deal that would return Peter Parker to the MCU.

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