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Netflix assures fans its most binge-able shows won’t switch to weekly release schedules

Netflix vs. Disney Plus

Disney’s streaming service will launch in a couple of months and it’s probably the streaming service to get this fall. It’s got a great price that’s cheaper than its main competitors, including Netflix, HBO, and probably Apple, as well as a ton of great content and better features. We’re looking at support for four 4K simultaneous streams for the cheapest tier, which is well above what Netflix is doing. Add to that the option to subscribe for a full year for just $69.99, and you end up with an even cheaper Disney+ subscription. But if there’s one thing to dislike about the service, it’s that it won’t be binge-friendly. Disney will release new episodes for its original shows on a weekly schedule, just like HBO does.

That’s not great news for people who are used to watching original shows the Netflix way — bingeing “just one more episode” until the entire season is over. And some Netflix users got a scare earlier this week when it was reported that several of its new shows would not be binge-ready at launch. Thankfully, Netflix has now addressed the matter, assuring fans that it’s not changing its ways.

Yes, shows like The Great British Baking Show, Rhythm + Flow, and The Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj, will still see weekly releases, but that doesn’t mean Netflix will adopt this strategy for all of its shows going forward. A Twitter user urged Netflix not to change, in response to reports that explained the release strategy for the shows mentioned above. Netflix quickly responded with some good news:

“We’re not changing,” Netflix said bluntly, without adding any additional information.

Patriot Act has been available for streaming for a while now, and all of its episodes were made available on a weekly basis. The same goes for other shows in the past, although it’s usually talk shows or reality shows that get weekly releases. Netflix hasn’t done the same thing with any of its popular TV series that you might want to watch in one or two sittings, and that won’t change.

Going forward, a TV show’s bingeability might one factor to consider when subscribing to a new service. Since most of its competitors favor a weekly release schedule for new series, Netflix likely wants to keep releasing its popular shows in full, just like it has done so far.

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