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Netflix now lets you download movies to watch offline

Netflix is the most popular subscription streaming service in the western world, but if there’s been one demand that it’s simply never been able to fill it’s the ability to watch movies without a live internet connection. That changes today, as the company announces the option to download movies and watch them offline.

The company revealed the new feature in a blog post, noting that it’s the perfect solution for users who are about to board a plane and don’t want to pay for pricey in-flight Wi-Fi, which is most certainly is. 

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The feature is seamlessly integrated into the Netflix app, and appears as a download icon next to the play button on movies and TV episodes. Clicking the download button prompts the content to be saved locally in a new “My Downloads” section. The movies and shows remain there until removed manually, and can be watched as many times as you want.

However, as awesome as the new feature is — especially after demanding it for years to no avail — there’s some obvious drawbacks. For starters, not all content is available to store locally. Netflix has jumpstarted the party by making many of its original programs like Orange is The New Black and Narcos downloadable, and popular shows like Breaking Bad and hit movies like No Country For Old Men are all part of the affair, but it’s not universal.

The option to download a show really does open up a whole new world of possibilities. Camping, road trips, and hotel stays just got a lot more fun. The feature is completely free to use and doesn’t seem to come with any strings attached, so get your download queue full and enjoy all your favorite shows on the go, without crushing your data limit.