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Huge ‘Avengers: Endgame’ spoilers tease controversial ending and heartbreaking superhero deaths

Published Apr 2nd, 2019 7:31AM EDT
Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

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We only have to wait a little over three weeks until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters around the world, at which point we’ll finally know exactly what happened after the snap. Who died for real in Infinity War? Who will be resurrected? What superheroes will sacrifice themselves to defeat Thanos? These are only some of the questions that need answering in Avengers 4. What we do know for certain is that we’ll see in Endgame the only way the Avengers win, “whatever it takes.” We already have plenty of fan theories attempting to guess the plot of the film, as well as various leaks that tease heartbreaking events for some of our favorite characters. None of that can be confirmed at this time, however, as nobody involved in the Infinity War films will talk spoilers. Even so, with each day that gets us closer to the film’s release, more information about Endgame leaks online, and we happen to have collected even more tidbits about the next MCU blockbuster. Some of them seem to confirm previous spoilers, while others contradict them. In any case, be warned that, if real, the following information will spoil Endgame for you to some degree.

A “mega thread” of unverified spoilers, leaks, and theories was posted on Reddit a few days ago, and in it, we’ve found various spoilers about Avengers 4 hiding in plain sight.

The Spanish Connection

Redditor Hyparcus dog up some spoilers from a Spanish YouTube who claims to have information about the film. Some of the information contained in the clip, available below, isn’t new. Hulk will return for an epic fight against Thanos, the phrase “Avengers Assemble” will be used during the movie, Stan Lee’s cameo will be important for the plot, and several characters will die:

– The phrase “avengers assemble” will be used when all avengers are together. Epic moment.

– Some scenes from trailers are fake or won’t happen that way (first trailer).

– Smart Hulk but not as much as Professor Hulk. Huge rematch between Thanos and Hulk, one of the best fights.

– A scene from trailer belongs to the end of the movie (first trailer).

– Stan Lee cameo will be important (for the plot?).

– Thanos will regret something he did in the past.

– There is something in Spiderman: Homecoming that will be important in End Game.

– Sad moments when characters die but he suggets deaths are not happening at the same time as in IW.

The Unexpected Scene

Elephant_Jockey23gives us a tiny spoiler

that’s quite puzzling. Apparently there’s a “Korg vs. Drax scene in Endgame. If it’s real, Korg survived, and Drax will return from the dead at some point during the film. We have no idea what’s in the scene, but I wouldn’t mind seeing these two characters interact.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Deaths and Third Act Battle

A different person, who claims to have leaked Endgame spoilers last year had a few heartbreaking things to share. According to ilurkingsiscool, it’s Steve Rogers and Tony Stark that die in the film. Gamora and Loki, meanwhile, are “really dead. Thanos will also perish in the movie, at the hand of Nebula, but only after Carol Danvers injures him severely. And that infamous Battle of New York from the first Avengers film will be revisited in the third act of the film.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Steve and Tony are, of course, the likeliest superheroes to die in Endgame, and leaked set photos from Avengers 4 already revealed that the Avengers would travel back in time to the Battle of New York. The claim that Gamora’s death is real seems dubious considering that she’ll probably be a part of the next Guardians of the Galaxy episode.

The Happier Ending

Remember that theory that said Steve would get a chance to get back with Peggy Carter? Well, someone suggests that Captain America will not die, and any leak that says so isn’t real. This would be a happier ending for Rogers, but not necessarily for the Avengers:

I know a thing, won’t say how I know it but you should treat this as a legitimate spoiler about the fate of one of the original six Avengers. […]

Captain America does not die. He goes back in time to right after he disappeared. His final scene is dancing with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), and his final line is “I could do this all day.” He’s finally at peace with being at peace.

Anyone alleging Cap dies is full of it.

So Much Controversy

Moving on to actual screenings of the film, Maxthebax57 says Endgame “is very controversial” at times, and quite dark:

So I have seen a screening, and all I am going to say is that the film is very controversial at times. Some characters get killed off that some people might like and the film is dark. The film is going to be 3h and 22 minutes at release and this is with stuff cut from the film. The film has a bunch of stuff from the comics with only one major change, but it makes sense. I believe Reddit is going to be unusable after a month after the movie comes out due to what happens to some characters.

The same Redditor said in subsequent comments that “some scenes were not finished and still needed editing,” but the plot shouldn’t suffer any significant changes. The person claimed that Tony Stark dies in the last five minutes of the film. He added that “the movie has a very ballsy ending, but it is amazing. It will make sense when you watch it, but it is very shocking that they even though about doing this ending.”

Image source: Marvel

He also revealed a detail that wasn’t offered in any of the previous leaks. Apparently, there’s a good reason the Avengers fail to beat Thanos so many times:

The MCU we have been watching is not the original timeline but in each timeline Someone gets the gauntlet, the Avengers try to stop that person and ends up making things worse. After that someone resets the timeline to stop the universe from getting destroyed. But in this movie, something different happens which stops the cycle.

The hot action starts one hour in, Maxthebax57 added, and Thanos isn’t the main villain — that’s something we’d heard before:

I’m not going to say too much, but the film changes one hour in. Thanos has less screen time, and the main antagonist is the Avengers fighting against corrupting themselves. This might be enough to tell you without spoiling, but some of the plot has been leaked already. The movie has some twists that are very good but people might not like them. The ending is not what you expect, and Marvel has the balls to even think about having this ending. The ending is still very good, but it is best not to know before going in. There is only one post-credits scene, and it is about Stan Lee and honoring him. If there were no more MCU movies endgame would make a great ending.

Finally, the Redditor says that Endgame does set up new stuff, which would explain the absence of mutants and X-Men:

It does set up new stuff, and it makes sense why mutants and the X-Men were not in the MCU already.

That said, we’ll have to wait until April 26th to see if any of these spoilers pan out.

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