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8 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on September 10th

Best Free iPhone Apps

If you thought yesterday’s roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was good, well, you’d be correct. There were some very cool apps in there, and some of them are still on sale for free so you can go back and download them if you missed it. Once you’re done with that, you’ll find eight new freebies right here in Tuesday’s roundup, but they’re only free for a limited time so get them while you can.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Some apps may have additional in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed or use that feed to create an email alert so you’ll be notified as soon as these posts are published and avoid missing the sales we cover.

Landscape Video Converter

Normally $2.99.

How do you deal with editing and displaying vertical video footage? With people shooting so much video with their smartphones, more and more vertical video is being produced. But if you’re sharing your video on YouTube, or showing it on a standard 16:9 landscape screen, it looks unprofessional.

This app provides the ultimate solution for it: it adds a landscape background with a blurred, scaled duplicate of the video. The app provides options to adapted blur-level, brightness and scaling mode of the background layer. This will make your portrait, vertical video look great and professional!!

In addition, the app provides several other features which make it a one-stop video editing app:
– Crop, rotate and scale videos
– Get and add sound to the video
– Trimming of videos
– Change the speed of the video

… and with the upgraded version of the app, you can save your videos in your Album so that you can share them on YouTube, Instagram etc!

Have fun!

NOTE: This app contains an auto-renewable subscription. It is a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription, and it provides you the option to save and share videos, and removes all ads.
The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period

Download Landscape Video Converter

Shadow Of Death: Premium Games

Normally $0.99.

Start your journey with four heroes: Maximus, Mount, Quinn & Lunae. Choose your favorite hero and conquer the darkness. (Maximus is available on the free version)

A Brand New Dark Fantasy Epic
Play a gripping pocket sized fantasy RPG on the go! Pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming, Shadow of Death is an offline fighting game which doesn’t need the internet to be experienced. Fight the way you want as players can select among four unique shadow knights, multiple gameplay styles, and loads of rare armor sets to conquer a hostile dark world. Whip out that dark sword, collect some comrades, and slash the shadows!

Choice to the Players
Choose from a cast of four unique shadow knights each representing a vastly different play style. Whether players want to slash or force projectile their way to victory is in their hands, quite literally! Delve into a robust skill tree and deep inventory system that encourages endless combat experimentation and customization. We even have a young boy’s soul in a hulking suit of armor, what other game can top that?

Conquer the Darkness in Style
Inspired by classic fighting games and modern action RPGs, combat is a high-octane blend of magic and weapons based hack and slash gameplay. An intuitive touch screen interface provides different options to strategize combat and devastate enemies. The unique battle system is accessible for any player yet deep enough to satisfy the most hardcore action RPG fans. What are you waiting for? Grab that mystical dark sword and plunge into darkness!

A Beautiful Ruined World
Driven by an all new animation system and graphics engine, players are going to be saying, “I can’t believe it’s not a console game.” That’s right, the game looks that good! Optimized for mobile gaming, the gothic fantasy world of Aurora is uniquely cel shaded to deliver jaw dropping magical effects and epic combat sequences to life.

Play Anywhere, Anytime
We put the “pocket” in pocket sized RPGs! Experience the thrill of combat anywhere, anytime as Shadow of Death is an offline game. No need to be online to defeat the shadows.

Challenge the Universe
When beating down shadow monsters just does not cut it anymore, take your game online! Vie for ultimate supremacy as you battle with other players in the Arena.

Story: A Dark Knight’s Journey
Aurora, once a prosperous kingdom has fallen. An ancient darkness reborn savages the land with brute force. Crops decay, winds scream with rage, and the dead stir.
In his lust for power and forbidden knowledge, a king has forsaken his people to ruin. The people cry for hope.
A lone knight, cleansed of memory but driven by conviction is all that stands between utter annihilation. Marked by destiny, he walks alone towards the whispering shadows.

Download Shadow Of Death: Premium Games

Researcher PRO for Note Taking

Normally $2.99.

ResearcherPRO has been designed to help researchers and anyone who is interested in reading papers, in facilitating many operations such as discover them, organize them, sync them and note taking on them.

Discover, search and import a paper is a normal operation that we do constantly. That’s why the app allows you to do that very easily. The Discover feature has integration with the major search engines (pubmed, scholar, arxiv, …) to help you find what you need, import it and start working on it right away.

We are not interested in hosting your papers and ask you to pay for it such as other services because we are aware that most of us already have that collection either locally on our computer or hosted on a cloud file provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and others. What we do is allow you to “link/import” a paper from the Cloud Integration of the app and allows you to sync after editing (ex: note taking) a paper automatically.

Our Mendeley integration (account is not required) is our cherry on the cake because every paper stored in the app will show details that you need even without opening it, including a detail view with much more (references, abstract, …).

Last but not least: Apple Pencil support. Apple gave us this instrument that we can use to take notes on our papers and here we are, to support that as well.

To summarize:
– Ability to organize papers locally in folders
– Tags support
– Nice detail of any paper by title, abstract, journal and so on
– Integration with the major cloud providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, …) with sync support (auto-upload after note taking)
– Apple Pencil support for note taking
– Mendeley integration (account not required)
– Discoverer: search new papers on PubMed, Arvix and many more! Import them straight away in the app
– A nice widget that you can put on your home screen with you working papers

Download Researcher PRO for Note Taking


Normally $1.99.

Sudoku (数独), originally called Number Place is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle.

This app offer over 10000 sudoku game, it is enough for you to play forever.

We special offer 100+ entry level sudoku game, for you to learn how to play sudoku.
And it also has 1000+ master level sudoku game, if you feel normal level game is not enough challenging.

Download yourSudoku

Express Video – Add Emoji

Normally $3.99.

Add HD Emoji to your video to express yourself.

– Add HD Emoji to Video
– Crop & Cut Video
– Add background music
– Rotate & Flip Video
– Shape video in different shapes
– Share your video montages on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr…

Download Express Video – Add Emoji

BreakFree – Track Screen Time!

Normally $2.99.

We’ve all seen it: Families at restaurants all looking at their cell phones instead of conversing with each other. Or people walking into walls while looking at their phones. Or someone texting while driving in the car next to you.

A complicated word for cell phone addiction is Nomophobia (“No Mobile Phone Phobia”), or the irrational fear to be without your cell phone. Our app BreakFree will help you fight this fear, reduce cell phone addication and enjoy life!

Track how much you use your phone, and get results presented in comprehensive graphs. Set personal daily limits to reduce your phone usage time, and find a balance for other important activities in your life!

BreakFree is the only app that also correlates your cell phone usage data with activity data and location. This way, you gain new insights on where you use your phone most, and how your phone usage affects your activity level, another motivational element to be conscious about your phone usage habits!

– Automatically track how much you use for phone
– Compare your cell phone usage with other BreakFree users!
– Correlate your phone usage with your activity levels
– Show your screen time per location
– Set daily limits, and get reminders when you exceed those
– Receive updates during the day on your usage progress
– Results are presented in comprehensive graphs
– Invisible app, just set it up once and you’re ready to go!

Continued use of GPS in the background can affect your battery life. BreakFree is designed to use GPS data very sparsely.

Download BreakFree – Track Screen Time!

Plant Light Meter

Normally $0.99.

Lack of light is the second most common cause of death of indoor plants after excessive watering.
Better light conditions will allow you to keep your plants healthy.
Measure the light levels for the price of a coffee!

How to use:
Select a location where you would like to place your plant.
Launch the application.
Point the camera upwards, in the direction of the source of natural light.
The maximum value that you get is the level of light available at this location.

How to interpret the measurement:
– Very low: Difficult for plants to survive.
– Low: For plants which can tolerate low levels of light such as aglaonema, parlor palm, philodendron.
– Medium: For the majority of indoor plants such as dracaena, pothos, spider plant.
– High: For plants which love light such as zebra plant, areca palm, croton.

– Detection of natural light
– Artificial lights are not supported
– 4 levels of intensity: very low to high
– Uses the rear camera only
– Intensity up to 16000 lux or 1500 fc

This application allows you to take a good measurement of the light levels for indoor plants. However, if you need very precise measurements, the use of professional equipment is recommended.

Download Plant Light Meter

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary

Normally $1.99.

The next horrifying chapter of Night Terrors has arrived, the critically acclaimed augmented reality experience which has charted in the top ten iOS apps across 33 countries.

But don’t trust us….trust those who survived:

“It will make you afraid of your own home” – Bloody Disgusting
“Crazy ambitious and insanely frightening” – iO9
“The future of fear and nope” – Polygon

From film director, producer, and screenwriter Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity), comes the next generation of augmented reality survival horror. Night Terrors: Bloody Mary transforms your environment into a heart-pumping supernatural experience that will leave you questioning your sanity.

The all-new “Night Terrors” experience resurrects the urban legend of Bloody Mary and the lethal fate she inflicts on those foolish enough to summon Her. This sinister tale has been spread by word of mouth for hundreds of years as a warning.

Are you brave enough to utter the name and survive her reign of terror?

Will you answer the door?
Will you check upstairs?
Will – you – help – others – SURVIVE?

Just remember…Legends Never Die!


1.) Night Terrors is played indoors, at night, with your lights off, and headphones on. Launch the app and say her name three times…Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.

Survival Tips:

– Keep moving. Entities are less likely to sense your presence if you consistently change locations.

– With each loud noise, your device’s glass will break. If the glass fully shatters, you become vulnerable and She will seize your soul. You scream….YOU DIE!

– Once you say Her name, you have 3 Days. After sunset on the third day, Her mirror portal closes and resets.

2.) Night Terrors pioneers state-of-the-art technology – the phone’s camera, LED light, and other system features create personalized scares by using unique AR captured content paired with 360 degree audio in order to truly immerse players in an experience unlike anything else.

3.) Compatible with iPhone 8 and later running iOS 10 or later.

4.) Not recommended with iPad devices without an LED light source.

5.) Not recommended with older devices.

6.) Users understand and assume all risks of injury or property damage while playing.

Download Night Terrors: Bloody Mary

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