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You will totally never guess the most hated company in America

Worst company in America

Every year, survey companies take ghoulish delight in quantifying the most-hated company in America. Every year, without fail, Time Warner breathes a sigh of relief as Comcast pips it to first place.

Well, this is 2017, and things are going to be totally different. Pharmaceuticul company and producer of the weirdly-expensive EpiPen, Mylan, has rocketed to third place. Sears is on the list, as is Facebook.

But you’ll be glad to know that some things never change: death, taxes, and our national hatred of Comcast.

24/7 Wall Street put the list together using data from its own customer satisfaction survey, other third-party data, and even employee reviews from Glassdoor. First-place Comcast and second-place Bank of America are not contentious results, but the rest of the list is a little more interesting. Rather than being a who’s-who of telecoms companies, it includes retailers and brands that people used to actually like, but have recently fallen out of favour.

Facebook, for example, comes in at number six on the list, which is attributed to its privacy problems (people don’t like having their data collected — who knew!) and the struggles it has had this year with fake news. Spirit creeps in at seventh, and even Sears comes in the top ten after a dismal year that saw it close stores and axe jobs.

While the top 12 was full of telecoms companies, only one cell carrier made the list: Sprint. Although the company doesn’t have as many complaints to the FTC as T-Mobile, customer satisfaction tends to be lower overall. That’s probably a combination of classically bad cell company customer service and Sprint’s surprisingly poor network.