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Spanish influencer agency designed this AI model after deciding real-life influencers are a pain

Published Nov 23rd, 2023 8:11PM EST

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Elon Musk, at one point during an AI Safety Summit in London earlier this month, told UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that there will come a time when AI makes jobs obsolete. “We will have, for the first time, something that is smarter than the smartest human,” Musk predicted. “There will come a point where no job is needed. You could have a job if you wanted to have a job, for personal satisfaction, but the AI will be able to do everything.”

One example of the kind of thing Musk was referring to comes from The Clueless, an influencer agency that Euronews reports has designed the first Spanish AI model. The agency claims it designed “Aitana Lopez” — a 25-year-old, pink-haired woman from Barcelona whose @fit_aitana Instagram account has 122,000 followers — after deciding that real-life influencers and models were just too much of a pain to deal with (not to mention, too expensive).

AI model Aitana Lopez
“Aitana Lopez” is a Spanish AI model designed by influencer agency The Clueless. Image source:

“We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing,” The Clueless founder Rubén Cruz said in an interview with Euronews.

It’s a project that certainly seems to be paying off for the agency, which reportedly brings in the US equivalent of $3,300 a month on average from Aitana. Most of that money comes from social media ads (derived, again, from the likeness of a young woman who is merely a digital creation). “Aitana” has also signed up as the ambassador for a sports supplement.

Her Instagram profile clearly states that she’s an “#aimodel,” but that hasn’t stopped the comments from pouring in from admirers treating her like she’s just another gorgeous young woman on the social network. In response to a recent post captioned “Domingo chill en casita,” which depicts Aitana in a living room in front of a couch, her replies are filled with fire and heart emojis. Besides Twitter and Instagram accounts, she also has her own NSFW Fanvue page.

“At The Clueless,” the agency explains on its About page, “we are not just an AI modeling agency; we are visionaries on a mission to redefine the world of influencers. Our goal is to transcend the conventional realm of modeling and lead the way in influencing, ushering in a new era characterized by authenticity, impact, and deep meaning.”

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