One of the most difficult things to do as a pet owner —or more specifically, a dog owner — is getting your pup to actually take a bath. In this case, age isn’t even a significant factor. Most dogs don’t want to step foot in a tub to save their lives. You could opt for a dog-sized pet bathtub, but this isn’t always the most effective option. Because, like humans, some dogs actually prefer a shower. Of course, you can’t just put them in your own shower, turn it on, and call it a day. You’re obviously going to have to wash them diligently and thoroughly. One way to do this is simply by purchasing an attachment made specifically for canines. Such an attachment can effectively reach your dog and provide a gentle (and for some dogs, downright pleasurable) shower stream. If you’ve tried every trick in the book — other than, of course, buying a simple shower attachment — then you might want to check out this more-than viable method. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the best shower attachment for dogs.

Most Pet-Friendly Shower Attachment

Getting something your pet will actually like is more than half of the battle. Fortunately, the Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment is something your dog won’t mind, and not to mention super fast, easy, and effective. This isn’t just a simple shower attachment though — the whole package provides a full, comprehensive bathing setup for your dog, including the Pet Wand PRO, an eight-foot flexible hose, an outdoor hose adapter, a suction cup, and an indoor shower diverter. Simply attach the 13-inch Pet Wand to your shower head — either indoor or out — and you’ll have full one-handed coverage for dogs of any shape, size, and breed. The contoured water combing spray helps cover your dog in full while providing intense power that can remove all shampoo without much scrubbing. Conversely, you can opt for a narrow spray that effectively rinses some more hard-to-reach areas, giving your dog a full and detailed cleanse. You can even opt to attach the wand to a garden hose outside, which is especially useful for dogs that have some bad memories from some prior baths. Either way, it’s an effective and convenient tool when it comes to bathing your pooch.

Best Two-in-One Sprayer and Scrubber

Spraying your dog with water is, unfortunately, only half of what goes into a full-on cleanse. Much like their human counterpart, there needs to be a certain degree of scrubbing involved. If you want a device that effectively sprays and scrubs, then the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool is the perfect choice. Like the aforementioned attachment, this one is also compatible with both your shower and your outdoor hose, giving you some flexibility in terms of where you actually want to bathe your dog. It’s ergonomically designed to fit in either hand — simply strap it up and you’re ready to roll. It contains an easy click on and click off design that allows you to easily turn the water on and off with your hand — you know, in case things get a bit hairy (or in this case, furry). The stream comes out from the middle of the device and from there, you can scrub the dog with the bristles, effectively mimicking petting the dog. In most cases, this makes them feel more comfortable and accepting of their bath. The two-in-one design certainly provides your dog with a more comfortable experience — not to mention a much easier way for you to speed up the “dirty work,” so to speak.

Best Value Shower Attachment

In terms of sheer value, you can’t do much better than the YOO.MEE Pets Shower Attachment — a powerful and effective attachment for any type of shower. This simple, yet effective device attaches to your tub spout and provides your dog with a safe, easy, and enjoyable shower stream. It features a flexible hose that can reach your dog with ease. Additionally, this attachment uses a solid brass connection diverter valve to switch the showering between a fixed shower head and a tub spout spray. One thing to keep in mind, however — this device only works on compatible faucets, so make sure you do your homework and measure your tub’s spout and faucet before purchasing. If everything checks out (it can fit on a faucet with 3.150″ max with a tub spout mouth that contains a diagonal distance at 2.050″ max) then you should definitely consider purchasing this reasonably priced alternative.