There is no shortage of ways you can choose to spruce up your kitchen setup. However, there is, arguably, nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a well-thought-out fruit display that acts as the centerpiece of the room. Of course, this serves two purposes — both as a piece of riveting decor and a smart and simple way to store your fresh fruit. But to create a beautiful fruit display you’re going to need, well, an actual display piece that can house your fruit. Obviously, there is no better option than a fruit basket. Fruit and baskets go hand-in-hand — whether you’re using a basket to go apple picking, a means to store fruits at the local market, or in this case, for decorative purposes. But with so many different fruit baskets out there to choose from, which one fits your aesthetic? Well, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at some of the best baskets for storing fruit, and you can ultimately decide how you can make it work with your kitchen setup. Spoiler Alert: it’s not all that difficult.

Best Fruit Basket for the Table


For a simple display for your kitchen table, you should opt for the simple and stylish SimpleHouseware Fruit Basket Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger. This 12″ x 5″ fruit bowl can house various sized fruits in its spacious main chamber, while the removable hanger can hold hanging fruit like bananas, grapes, or pretty much anything else that can be grown from a vine. The bowl is solid, with a weight around 1.7 pounds and the hanger is sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, bending, or breaking. To further test this display basket, we even hung some bananas on the removable hanger without keeping any fruit in the bowl itself. We hung six bananas and it didn’t come close to tipping over. We also noticed that the hook itself hung the bananas far enough away from the other fruits (a distance of around 8″) so that they won’t become overripe. The classic bronze coating makes this fruit basket/bowl a great option as either a display piece on your kitchen or dining room table or simply as a sturdy, tough, ancillary storage container on your countertop.

Best Two-Tier Fruit Basket

If you’re one to bring home a lot of fruit at once and need something with larger storage capacity, this Gourmet Basics by Mikasa 5158748 Loop and Lattice wire basket is a great option. This elegant, handcrafted basket is made of heavy gauge, carbon structured steel with a durable, BPA-free powder coating that is safe to store any food. It also features an oil-rubbed bronze finish for an antique feel, despite the fact that it’s brand new. This sturdy, two-tier basket allows you to store dozens of pieces of produce, large and small, and it can handle a ton of fruit. The two protruding handles at the top can also be used to hang bananas, giving you extra space for the rest of your fruits, vegetables, or whatever else you prefer to store in this versatile setup. This basket features dimensions of 12″ x 12″ x 16.1″ and weighs a little over four pounds, giving you a great option to remove countertop clutter in a condensed, elegant basket. The bottom basket is 12″ wide and 4″ tall, while the top basket is around 10″ wide and 4″ tall, so it’s certainly not space eating. It’s also versatile enough to be used to store things other than fruits, such as towels in the bathroom, knick-knacks in the garage, etc.

Best Hanging Fruit Basket

Well, if two tiers aren’t enough — or you simply don’t have room on your table or countertop for a display piece — you might want to opt for this DecoBros 3-Tier Wire Hanging Basket, a simple, spacious design that will do great in any type of kitchen setup. With dimensions of 30″ H x 11″ D, this space-saving fruit basket setup is a great way to display your fruit clearly and vividly. In other words, you’re using the fruit as the main piece of decoration rather than the actual display itself. The chain is intended to be hung from the ceiling with a hanging bracket (sold separately) but you can get a little creative with it and mount a bracket to your cabinet or wall or however else you like. You also have the option to not hang it at all — the baskets can be unattached and set up on a flat surface separately. And since each basket can be easily separated, you can even opt to hang each basket on its own, perhaps under a counter or in a cabinet. The baskets are certainly sturdy enough to hang a pretty decent amount of fruit — we hung up to 15 pounds without any issues — so you won’t have to worry about this setup potentially breaking or detaching from the ceiling. Again, just make sure you purchase a sturdy hanging bracket to fully optimize this device for prolonged use.