The real MVP when it comes to watches is obviously the timepiece itself. Whether you love a digital or analog watch, as long as it shows you the time, you’re happy. But if you have a smart watch, especially an Apple Watch, it can do so much more than tell time. That’s why you’ll want to dress it up as much as possible with a cool watch band. Being able to swap out the Apple Watch band lets you customize your wearing experience and show off your style. Whether you want it to be fancy, sporty or just show some class, we’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering which one to get, check out our handpicked selections below and get the most out of your Apple Watch.

Best Leather Apple Watch Band

A terrific option for both men and women, the Marge Plus Compatible with Apple Watch Band comes in numerous colors and styles. This genuine leather replacement band fits wrists between 6.3″ and 7.9″ around and gives your wrist a nice, professional look. The connector is upgraded, so that it will never fall off the screw and will be screwed tightly. The connectors and buckle are made from stainless steel and the band is soft top leather with fashionable craftsmanship. The buckle is anti-slip and sweat absorbent, so you can wear this wherever you are. It has an 18 month warranty.

Best Stylish Apple Watch Band

Providing luxurious style, the Wearlizer Compatible with Apple Watch Band will look great on any woman’s wrist. This band works with Apple Watch Series 1-5 and the Nike+ Sport Edition. You can get one that’s 38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm in size, depending on your wrist circumference. There are 23 different color combinations you can choose from and each of them is carved from premium stainless steel and top quality resin. The band has an adapter in it, making it easy to swap the watch in and out. Plus, it’s easy to adjust and comes with a removal tool. It offers a new bracelet look for your Apple Watch.

Best Sport Apple Watch Band

Made from high performance silicone, the EXCHAR Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch Band will help you get through your next race. This band comes in four different sizes (38mm – 44mm) and is breathable, durable and comfortable. It is sweat-resistant, so feel free to wear one during a workout. There are air holes in the band to make it feel lighter. It’s compatible with all series of Apple Watch and it comes with a year-long warranty. The connector securely locks it into place and makes it easy to slide it in and out. This comes in different colors or a four pack.