While getting your “swell” on often requires a gym membership that requires both your time and recurring monthly payments, this doesn’t always have to be the case. With the right equipment, you can get a great workout in your house without having to constantly wipe down other people’s sweat from equipment, wait 20 minutes for the last machine of your workout, or deal with pointless small talk. It might sound a bit cynical, sure, but getting yourself a barbell for your home could immediately solve all of these nuisances. While the idea might sound unorthodox at first, there are plenty of great barbells you can use to get lifting. So whether you simply don’t have the time for the gym anymore or just prefer to workout in solitude, let’s take a look at some of the best barbells for lifting. You’ll be happy that you did.

Best Olympic Straight Bar

For a classic, Olympic straight bar that can facilitate a bevy of workouts, the Body-Solid Tools Olympic Straight Bar is a great choice. The seven-foot chrome bar weighs 44 pounds and has a 600-pound capacity so you can lift heavy weight without a problem. The triple-plated chrome finish helps protect against chipping, rusting, and scarring, while the knurled grips on the bar provide the user with additional grip to properly secure the barbell. So if you’re looking for an Olympic-style bar you’d typically find at the gym that you can easily use in the comfort of your own home, this high-quality piece of equipment is the way to go.

Best Curl Bar

Suns out guns out. If you’re simply looking for something to give your arms a much-needed pump, the Cap Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar is a great bar for curls and other arm-related exercises. Made with solid steel with a chrome finish, this bar provides a medium-depth diamond knurling for enhanced grip, an angled shaft designed for comfort, and revolving sleeves to reduce pressure on the wrists and forearms. The bar itself weighs 16.75 pounds with a shaft length of 33.25″.

Most Versatile Barbell Set

If you want a bar that is a bit more versatile, the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells with Connector Options is a fantastic choice. Here, you’re getting adjustable dumbbells that have the ability to transform into a single barbell in a whim. The package comes with a pair of 40 lbs adjustable dumbbells along with four 3 lb plates, four 5 lb plates, four collars, and a connector to connect the dumbbells into one full-length barbell. If you’re someone who likes to move between barbell and dumbbell exercises, this is a great, simplistic option for you.