A series of reports said in recent days that a new Captain Marvel trailer and the first Avengers 4 trailer would be released on Monday and Wednesday, respectively. Marvel was quick to confirm that a new Captain Marvel trailer was scheduled to premiere during Monday Night Football’s halftime show, and we already saw the new clip. But as we’re anxiously waiting to see whether the first Avengers 4 trailer will indeed drop this week, a new report says that the first trailer for the new Spider-Man film is also going to debut this week.

We talked about Spider-Man: Far From Home before, as the film delivered evidence that several main Marvel characters have survived the snap at the end of Infinity War. Far From Home takes place immediately after Avengers 4, according to earlier statements from Marvel execs, which means Spider-Man will definitely be resurrected in Avengers 4.

Earlier this year we also found out that both Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson, who play Maria Hill and Nick Fury, will appear in the film. Both characters were also turned to ashes in Infinity War.

The tweet above, from SuperBroMovies’ writer Daniel R, says the first trailer is coming this week. The same writer tweeted various other details about Marvel movies in the past. However, SuperBroMovies’ says that Sony is overseeing marketing for Far From Home, so Marvel doesn’t have the same influence over the movie as it does over its other films.

Daniel didn’t specify an actual release date for the film. But given that all three Marvel films will launch next year starting with Captain Marvel in early March, Avengers 4 in late April/early March, and Far From Home in early July, it would make sense for the first trailer to be released after the first Avengers 4 trailer debuts.

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