The first Galaxy S9 drop tests appeared late last week, and they showed us that Samsung’s latest phone will break just as easily as other glass phones. The phone does have thicker glass, stronger aluminum, and narrower screen curves, but the Galaxy S9 will not survive any kind of drop, especially if it hits hard surfaces from a considerable height.

Other than accidental drops, however, the Galaxy S9 can take quite a beating before giving out, as illustrated in a new video.

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which puts every new smartphone through the same durability test, took the Galaxy S9 for a spin. Buyers looking to purchase Samsung’s new flagship should rest assured that the phone won’t be that easy to destroy.

The Galaxy S9’s glass will not scratch easily, and the front- and rear-facing cameras seem to be well protected. The phone can’t be bent, no matter how hard you try, and the sturdier 7000 series aluminum frame is likely responsible for that. The coat of paint on top of that metal can scratch, however, so you should consider using a skin or a case to protect it. The rear-facing fingerprint sensor is also prone to scratches, but it’ll still work if it’s ever scratched.

If you’re worried about exposure to fire, you should know that the OLED screen does recover after limited exposure. Unfortunately, the glass may suffer more permanent damage.

What the video also shows is that the phone, like many other glass handsets, is a fingerprint magnet on the back. Screen covers and protective cases will also fix this type of problem, in addition to offering protection against drops, which should be your primary concern for the Galaxy S9. Check out the full clip below.