Here it is, the ultimate evidence that Samsung has “invented” the Apple Watch. After all, Samsung did make smartwatches long before Apple did. And a Samsung patent application clearly shows images of the Apple Watch.

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Yes, I am kidding about Samsung inventing the Apple Watch, but Samsung is dead serious about copying Apple. For some very strange reason, the company thought it’s really okay to just publish drawings in a legal document that are blatant copies of a piece of hardware belonging to the competition. That’s even more worrying considering that Samsung is copying Apple. Again.

From engineers to designers to the lawyers who submitted the documentation, it seems that nobody working for Samsung cared about the fact that drawings depicting what has already become an iconic product in this nice are present in the patent. Check them out:

Anyone who’s ever seen an Apple Watch will recognize some of its apparent design markings, including the rectangular watch face, the Digital Crown, and the secondary button, and the heart rate sensor on the back. Even the straps resemble actual Apple products.

As Business Insider explains, the patent application also contains generic smartwatch drawings, so it’s puzzling to see an Apple product in a patent that’s supposed to describe strap technology that might be seen in future Samsung smartwatch designs.

Samsung has a long history of copying the iPhone, with US courts having already ruled for Apple in the past – although Samsung managed to gain a few notable victories in appeals itself. Many people already regard Samsung as an Apple imitator, regardless of what courts say. And Samsung may not be done copying just yet.