Thanks to Siri, we finally know when WWDC is going to be held this year: June 13 through the 17 in case you’re wondering. But even with WWDC now just about two months away, details surrounding iOS 10 remain unusually murky.

While Apple at this point is likely shoring up iOS 10’s feature set, a new video and accompanying article from MacStories provides us with a wish list of iOS 10 features we would be lucky to see Apple implement in its next-gen version of iOS.

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From rich message previews, more granular read-receipts and a redesigned app picker to a more user-friendly and flexible Control Center, Federico Viticci’s vision of iOS 10 is particularly compelling not only because the features are pretty darn cool, but also because they’re practical and presumably doable. After all, what good is an iOS concept video if the features it showcases are other-worldly and perhaps not even technologically possible.

As the concept video below demonstrates, all of the features on this iOS 10 wish list can easily be imagined in iOS 10.