Android fans in the U.S. are still waiting for their Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X phones to arrive but lucky buyers in India started getting theirs on Tuesday. One of these buyers, YouTube user Intellect Digest, got his hands on both devices and posted unboxing videos for Android fans everywhere to ogle until they get their own versions of the phones. Let’s check them out below!

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Here’s the Nexus 6P video in its entirety. Below we’ll go over the major aspects of the unboxing with screen caps.

First, we have the box itself, with a very stylish “P” on the front that Google has said stands for “premium”:

Opening it up, the first thing you see is an instructions leaflet that gives you basic information on the device:

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: A clean shot of the device itself, complete with its charger cable and plug:

And here is the device out of its box and unwrapped:

And here it is from the front and powered on:

In all, this looks like the phone Android fans have been waiting for all year — the early reaction we’ve seen indicates that the hype train is going full speed ahead. Even though the 6P might be too large for many users, it looks like the real belle of the ball for this fall’s major Android releases.

The Nexus 5X is no slouch either, of course, even if it doesn’t have the premium hardware many Android users were hoping for. Check out Intellect Digest’s unboxing video of the Nexus 5X below.

Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.