Of all the late night talk show host departures of the past several months, none have been quite as difficult to accept as Jon Stewart’s. That’s not to say that we won’t miss David Letterman, but after more than 30 years on the air, his retirement didn’t come as much of a shock.

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Stewart, on the other hand, still seemed to be in his prime, with an incredibly silly election right around the corner.

But nevertheless, he decided to hand the reins over to Trevor Noah, who debuted his own take on The Daily Show on Comedy Central last night.

As you might have expected, the show doesn’t look all that different than it did a few months ago when Stewart was still behind the desk. The graphics are new, the set is fresh, but it’s still business as usual for the most part: hitting the biggest stories of the day, checking in with correspondents and welcoming a special guest.

If you were expecting an entirely new show, you might be a little disappointed at the premiere episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, but the new host looks incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and will certainly inject his own personality into the show in the coming weeks and months.

Watch the first episode of the new Daily Show below: