You need to drop everything you’re doing and watch this video immediately. Daredevil Graham Dickinson recently took a jaunt over to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, jumped off a cliff, shouted out “Vive le France!”, and then proceeded to fly through a forest in an insane video that has to be seen to be believed.

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Along his wingsuit journey, Dickinson comes dangerously close to hitting any number of things that would seemingly kill him instantly upon impact, including trees, rocks, and an unforgiving cliff that Dickinson grazes up against every so precariously. At certain points, Dickinson is just a few inches above the ground while soaring through the air at extremely high speeds.

Before watching, make sure to change your YouTube settings such that you view this gem in full 1080p glory. Also, be aware that Dickinson at certain points reaches a top speed of 180 km/hr, or about 111 mph.

Detailing this adrenaline-heavy adventure, Dickinson writes of the experience:

So I tried to shake off my friend Dario with some aggressive flying but the skill of this man is compared to none. He has no trouble keeping you in frame, dodging trees and burbles ( Burble: A separation in the boundary layer of fluid about a moving streamlined body, such as the wing of an airplane, causing a breakdown in the smooth flow of fluid and resulting in turbulence. ) Thank you Dario for your magnifico filming skills.

And for anyone interested, the video was shot using a GoPro hero3 while the Wingsuit is a Squirrel Colugo 1 prototype. While we might normally say ‘don’t try this at home’, we can confidently declare that you shouldn’t try this type of tomfoolery anywhere.

Lastly, Dickinson also posted to Facebook rear facing video taken with a GoPro he himself was wearing. You can check that out below.