Let’s see if you can guess what today is: Jonathan is having heart palpitations, Zach is worried the site is going to come crashing down, Brad is hoping someone will buy him an iPhone 6s for his birthday (which is coming up soon, if anyone wants to surprise him), Jacob is clearing space in is entertainment center for a next-gen Apple TV, Yoni already knows everything that’ll be announced because he has great sources at Apple, and Chris is already prepping his 417th post of the day.

That’s right, it’s time for Apple’s huge”Hey Siri” event.

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Apple’s September event is shaping up to be the company’s biggest event in years. We’re expecting a pair of new iPhone 6s handsets, a completely reimagined Apple TV with third-party app and games support, a first-generation iPad Pro, a new iPad mini 4, iOS 9 details, El Capitan details, Watch OS2 details and more.

BGR’s news coverage will be coming hot and heavy once the event starts, and you can see it all in our Apple event hub. This year, however, we’re also doing things a little differently: The entire BGR team will come together for the entire event to provide live coverage right here in this post.

Scroll down for our running coverage of today’s big Apple event, which will update automatically so there’s no need to refresh the page. The event is set to begin at 1:00 p.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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Thanks for joining us for the live event, everyone!

Alas, it’s One Republic

Taylor Swift? Kanye? who shall it be…

Closing out with a “sensational music act”…

64GB iPhone 6 Rose Gold for me. Can’t wait to 3D Touch it.

iOS 9 coming on Sept. 16

Yep, 16GB is the base model

New Apple app on the Play Store.. makes it easier to switch data to your new iPhone

War: declared.

Crazy Android trolling right there.

Wow, Live Photos are turned on by default.. if 16GB is the base model most people will run out of room real quick

So Apple just found out about gifs and decided to rebrand them.

Jonathan S. Geller



4K Video !

There’s your 4K video!

“This is a bird with attitude” Schiller says

Schiller made a point of noting that none of these photos were re-touched at all

(These pics were obviously captured by the new iPhone 6s camera)

Faster auto-focus as well

And now it’s camera time… 12 megapixel sensor is official

New iPhone 6s has a much quicker Touch ID sensor

Maybe 4K camera will be the “one more thing”

Alright, 3D Touch with gaming suddenly has me very intrigued.

A9 puts the A8 to shame..

Jonathan S. Geller

70% faster CPU, 90% faster GPU

Looks like a really efficient UI

3D touch on the homescreen apps look really useful

An Apple Car joke to start things out…

Craig F is on stage.. let the jokes start a’rollin


Jonathan S. Geller


And incidentally, “3D Touch” is much better than “Force Touch,” which sounded like something you were taught to watch out for when approached by strangers as a kid.

OK, Apple, this phone looks amazing but did you ever WELD WITH WAVES like Samsung did?

“3D Touch is a tremendous breakthrough” Phil Schiller says

I think I prefer 3D Touch anyway.

Forget Force Touch, Apple’s calling it 3D Touch

Yep, there’s a Rose Gold iPhone 6s in the mix

Jonathan S. Geller

Most advanced smartphone in the world, the new iPhone 6s.

iPhone in China grew 75% yoy

Gene Munster breaks out into a sweat, realizing the iTV hasn’t been announced yet.

And now we’re talkin’ iPhones

Apple TV will be available in over 100 countries by the end of the year

This is actually very competitive. Cheaper and more family friendly than the Xbox One and PS4. 

The remote has volume controls! #gamechanger


Jonathan S. Geller

$149 & $199 coming in October.

a similar NHL app is coming to Apple TV next year

That’s amazing.. the NFL needs to get in on this

You can also watch multiple games at once in split screen

Live stats during broadcasts — pretty awesome

MLB has long been at the forefront of mobile app advancements.. this demo should be great

Now up: MLB At Bat for Apple TV

“Beat Sports combines the joy of hitting balls with the joy of hitting notes.” What

Now they’re demoing Beat Sports… basically Wii Sports comes to the Apple TV


Crossy Road for Apple TV is being demoed on stage right now — PS4 and Xbox One probably aren’t dead just yet…”

Nintendo isn’t looking so hot, though. This is tailor made for family-friendly gaming.

Crossy Road for Apple TV is being demoed on stage right now — PS4 and Xbox One probably aren’t dead just yet…

New Guitar Hero coming to Apple TV

Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and more will be available right out of the gate

I see you, fourth-gen Apple TV. You’re definitely on my must-buy list.

tvOS “based on iOS and built for the living room”

And now some talk about games ..

Yep, it runs on tvOS

Throwback to 2012:

Desperately seeking Siri

Forget Apple TV and iPhone, I want this Siri on my Mac right now.

Just because I tend to fall asleep watching TV.

This is a TV lovers dream

“Skip ahead 7 minutes” will be my favorite command.

Hot damn, you can tell Siri “Show me that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton” and it’ll bring it up… very cool

To be fair, Apple TV’s screensavers are probably better than 90% of this year’s fall TV lineup

Sure, this is a demo, but Siri is able to immediatelly respond to your commands as you’re saying them.

Wow, Siri is so fast. 

Who has time for TV with these amazing screensavers 

Overkill? Apple shot stunning slow-mo video to act as your screensavers.

Universal search is effing rad. So many times I’ve had to open and close different TV apps to find what I’m looking for.

Just tell Siri what you want to see, and it’ll look for it across apps. 

Universal search – Siri does that for you.

Eddy Cue stole Cam’s shirt from Modern Family

This is a great play here. Casual gamers will love having mobile games in their living rooms, remote control with Siri integration will make it easier to navigate.

The touch screen remote is legit..  super easy to rewind and ff

And controling Apple TV via Siri is so cool.

new remote is sexy

There’s that new remote people were talking about.

(and yes, Cook is right that TV apps are so, so, sooooo much better than traditional TV)

This is a pretty interesting notion considering how awful smart TV apps are right now. Can Apple fix that?


I think the present of TV is apps; I basically only watch TV through Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now :-)

The apps we want are coming to TV. That’s what Tim Cook is building up to. 

“The future of Television is apps”, Cook says

But no time to get excited about the iPad mini 4 you wanted last year. There’s a new Apple TV in the house!

Jonathan S. Geller

Here we go! TV!

As expected, there’s a new iPad mini 4 that’s basically a smaller iPad Air 2. 

Top iPad Pro + Smart Keyboard + Apple Pencil = $1,347

So basically November 30 ;)  You can bet Apple will do its damndest to get it out before Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season

I could see myself working on an iPad Pro.

$169 for the Smart Keyboard.

No specific release date for the iPad Pro — just November

$99 for the Apple Pencil.

Jonathan S. Geller

iPad Pro is a monster and is going to further replace computers.

And to top it all off $1079 for 128GB with LTE

$949 for 128GB iPad Pro (wi-fi only)

32GB model starts at $799

Oh wait, patients will also have to buy iPads, so that they can receive all these amazing explanations on their devices.

Pft, who needs to use a large iPad Pro to look at xrays when all the cool doctors are rocking the BlackBerry Passport? WORK WIDE, LOSERS.

A meniscus never looked so good, by the way.

A subtle clue.. Apple is going after the kneecaps of other tablet competitors”

There are other tablet competitors?

And iPhone 6s isn’t even out yet.

A subtle clue.. Apple is going after the kneecaps of other tablet competitors

So, doctors, you’ll have to buy Apple Watch, iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil this fall.

Again, huge focus on medicine. 

Jonathan S. Geller

So weird Zach if only someone told you that before.

The longer Apple waits to drop a price on the Apple Pencil, the more expensive it’s gonna be I’d wager

Multitasking on the iPad Pro looks fantastic — it really will bridge the gap between iOS tablets and Macs very well.

Adobe’s apps are shipping in October — that’s probably when the new iPad Pro arrives.

You know, if you’re into photoshopping things.

Adobe Fix seems like an amazing image retouching tool for the iPad.

Adobe and Microsoft are essentially guests at Apple’s big media event

Jonathan S. Geller

Hopefully he’ll show off some leaked internal iPhone documents

An E. Snowden is on the stage. But not the one you think.

For as much as Apple is focusing on Apple Pencil, I imagine it’s gonna cost a few extra pennies as an add-on

Jonathan S. Geller


Impressive to see Microsoft make such an appearance at an Apple event.

Also of note, the Apple pencil looks pretty gigantic

Never would have happened under Jobs. Or especially not under Ballmer.

If you can’t beat ’em…

Microsoft made a special version of Office just for the iPad Pro… and it looks awesome

If you see a stylus though, did they blow it though?

Microsoft is gonna take the stage … on the times they are a changin’

“Apple Pencil is one of the most advanced technologies we’ve created…” I really doubt that.

The Apple Pencil has a lighting connector

Another slickly produced video detailing the Apple Penci… Apple’s stylus game is on-point *rimshot*

Bets on how much the Pencil is going to cost?

Dare I say, the stylus (ahem, pencil) looks kinda cool 

Can’t but wonder if you can insert it the wrong way anywhere.

Jonathan S. Geller

Smart. Charge by plugging into Pro.

This isn’t just ANY stylus, Zach.

Applause for a stylus. Ugh.

This is the Apple Pencil.

And here comes the stylus!

Here comes a special accessory for the iPad Pro: Smart Keyboard with Smart Connector – the tree dots on the side.

iPad Pro features a four speaker audio system 

iPad Pro vs. iPad Air:

10 hours of battery life.. you can watch 5 Apple keynotes in a row without recharging.. 

Desktop-class performance, but where are the desktop-class apps?

“Desktop class performance” Schiller says

An A9x processor under the hood.. this thing is a beast

More pixels than a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

5.6 million pixels.. not too shabby

Schiller says the new split-screen app features in iOS 9 were designed with the iPad Pro in mind. Makes sense — two full iPad Air-size displays side by side…

A full sized virtual keyboard as well

12.9-inches. Why? It’s width is the same as the height of the iPad Air.

Screen is 12.9-inches, as the rumor mill suggested

The display is a monster

When is this iPad Pro intro video gonna hit theatres? looks like a good flick

Meet the iPad Pro!

The biggest news in iPad since iPad.

Jonathan S. Geller

Is this the song from Angels & Demons?

Head here for more details on the Apple Watch announcements we just saw.

Yoni, spoilers! C’mon!

Apple has some “big” iPad news.. subtle

Let’s see the iPad Pro!

iPad is up next! 

A ProductRed strap is also going to be available to buyers, with proceeds from sales going to HIV / AIDS research. 

Looks nice.. that’s the one thing competing smartwatches haven’t been able to touch Apple on.. watch band options

Yes, more colors are coming for bands, and Watch.

I want them instantly.

Jonathan S. Geller

I’m having a heart attack. Hermes bands for Watch.

get ready for a new generation of baby boomers. Apple is really changing the world!

You’ll have to get pregnant AND buy the Watch to use this app though.

Simply amazing: mom can listen to the baby’s heart rate in real time. 

Drs getting vitals in real time is pretty sweet

The mom has to have an Apple Watch, which can be used to monitor heart rate for pregnant mom, baby, and measure contractions.

Sense4Baby will let doctors monitor patients right at home. 

Don’t be surprised to see your doctor wearing a Watch. He’ll be getting urgent updates from your nurse on it.

Jonathan S. Geller


Airstrip demo time. 

iTranslate and GoPro apps too.

And yes, native apps for the Watch are coming. 

Jonathan S. Geller

Facebook Messenger coming to Watch.

Jonathan S. Geller

I love you Chris

New Watch faces and third-party complications (yay, Watch user here).

Also, initial Apple Watch sales were higher than initial iPhone and iPod sales…  could still prove to be a huge moneymaker

Jeff Williams here to recap where watchOS is going. 

“People love using Apple Watch.” Customer satisfaction at 97%

Jonathan S. Geller

No time for updates as expected, Watch first to get those announcements done before everything else.

Cook: Monster announcements coming.

Perhaps an Android diss will be on the agenda as well

I think iOS 9 first, then iPhones, Brad.

Definitely a packed house:

OK let’s take a bet on the order. I’m guessing new iPads, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Apple TV.

Jonathan S. Geller

Tim is on stage!

Jonathan S. Geller


Until that happens though, you’ll be able to play Hearthstone on your 50-inch TV set hooked up to a brand new Apple TV.

Jonathan S. Geller

Also, thank you Apple for playing some Beck this time. Your past love affair with Bastille was not what I’d categorize as “forgivable.”

Whaddup everyone. If you’ve been following anything I’ve written, I’m most pumped up for the new Apple TV, which has the potential to really push cord cutting into the mainstream, particularly once Apple launches its own streaming service.

Announcement is being made now — looks like we’ll be starting on time at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Jonathan S. Geller

I hope Tim Cook comes out to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yRme0C2pmI

It’s decided: Beats1 is just… the worst.

Jonathan S. Geller


I’d held out hope they wouldn’t torture us, Chris.

No, you can’t turn it off, and then get lost in iTunes trying to stream music you actually like.

Jonathan S. Geller

Do you think Obama is watching the live stream from AF1?


Music live from Beats 1 – we didn’t see that coming, did we?

10 minute warning… I hope everyone is strapped in

Jonathan S. Geller

Someone is wearing a black t shirt with the Apple workout rings on it. It’s glorious.

On the other hand: I just had a terrible vision of Apple spending 20 minutes talking about Apple Music at the event today. I’d much rather see Ballmer.

Developers developers developers…

Hahaha, that’s the best thing.


So amazing ^

Jonathan S. Geller

Apple stream is up guys!!

Jonathan S. Geller

Jonathan S. Geller

Here we go!

Good tip for making the most of today’s Hey Siri event:


Jonathan S. Geller

Another hit. Barry Bonds.

Jonathan S. Geller


Jonathan S. Geller

Spoiler: it’s going to run iOS.

I want to see how Apple’s going to try and sell us on the iPad Pro. You can put as big a screen as you want on an iPad, but it’s still not going to replace my laptop if it’s running iOS.

Jonathan S. Geller


Jonathan S. Geller

Jonathan S. Geller

If Force Touch enables you to feel the keyboard and other virtual buttons, it’s a complete game-change

But agree with Yoni, have high hopes for Apple TV.

Seriously though, I’m curious how 3D Touch Display works. iPad Pro also sounds interesting.

I think (hope) the new Apple TV will steal the show

Jonathan S. Geller

The pink iPhone 6s, which I’ll most likely buy.

Jonathan S. Geller


Tim Cook’s watch.. will he still have a white Apple Watch sport band after labor day?

Jonathan S. Geller

Everything, Jacob!!

So what’s everyone most interested in seeing at the event?

Jonathan S. Geller

I would expect to see multiple networks/channel deals like this, announced today.

A few weeks after the ready-to-wear shows end in October, WME/IMG will debut its first-ever network in an exclusive deal with Apple TV — the first such Apple exclusive. 

Welcome to BGR’s live coverage of Apple’s big “Hey Siri” event!

The whole team will be on hand to chime in and highlight all of the big announcements from today’s press conference. The event is set to kick off at 1:00PM ET / 10:00AM PT, so get ready for a wild ride…

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