Funerals are always sad occasions but they don’t have to be depressing — remember Jim Henson’s request that mourners at his funeral not wear any black, for example. In fact, the best funerals aren’t just about expressions of grief but celebrations of someone’s life while they were here. The Guardian brings us the story of a truly awesome funeral held for one Halloween enthusiast in the United Kingdom in which mourners dress up as Darth Vader, Beetlejuice, the Tasmanian Devil and more.

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Lorna Johnson was a 56-year-old grandmother who died from cancer earlier this year. According to her son Neil, she was also positively mad about Halloween.

“My mum’s favourite time of year was Halloween,” he told The Guardian. “We always had parties, dressed up, decorated the house. The kids loved it, we loved it. It was something we always did. She classed herself as a white witch and was into the tarot readings and that sort of thing.”

The best part is that the family even got the funeral director to take part in the celebration of her life — as you can see in the image at the top of the page, he dressed as Darth Vader while leading the procession.

Check out The Guardian’s full story on this amazing funeral by clicking here.

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