As if the idea of launching a 24/7 live radio station alongside Apple Music wasn’t a big enough deal for Apple, the company had to secure an interview with Eminem as well during the first week of Beats 1 being on the air. In a baffling twist, Stephen Colbert managed to get his own ridiculous Eminem interview online first, but Zane Lowe’s is still worth a listen.

LAST TIME: Stephen Colbert Just Interviewed Eminem on a Public Access Show and It Was Hysterical

A majority of the Beats 1 interview revolves around Marshall Mathers’ involvement with the new Jake Gyllenhaal boxing movie, Southpaw. Mathers is executive producing the soundtrack and just released its first single, “Phenomenal,” early last month. The pair also discuss (and sing) some of the great montage tunes of all time.

It’s not nearly as funny as Colbert’s bizarro interview in Monroe, Michigan, but Zane Lowe is a great interviewer and Eminem is more than happy to open up about his career throughout the course of the conversation.

You can listen to the full interview below: