Apple says iOS 9 will offer you “a better experience with every touch,” on the special iOS 9 page on its website, stressing that the newly introduced update focuses on bringing performance improvements rather than major new features. And while iOS 9 is similar to iOS 8 overall when it comes to design and appearance, there are plenty of changes under the hood compared last year’s major iOS release.

Now, you can see exactly what’s new in the following comparison pictures.

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Mobile blog PhoneArena took a close look at what iOS 9 beta 1 has to offer, comparing it with Apple’s latest public iOS 8 version, iOS 8.3. As you’ll easily see below, there are plenty of minor but obvious changes that Apple made to iOS.

The list includes a new app switcher menu, a new search screen that includes Siri Proactive suggestions, new Siri design, a new battery menu, new camera settings, traffic and transit information in Apple Maps, better search features in Apple Maps, improved note-taking application and updated keyboard, better notifications controls, CarPlay setup support, new Wallet & Apple Pay application, better music settings and music apps, and improved Safari.

Some of these comparison images can be found below, with more available at the source link.