BitTorrent has released a new application that lets you safely communicate with friends without worrying that anyone could spy on any of your messages. Called Bleep, the app works on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows and supposedly offers better protection than any of its competitors, as it features end-to-end encryption and peer-to-peer functionality.

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The app is available as a free download on all these platforms, allowing you to instantly chat with friends and family that also have it installed.

On top of full encryption, the other main feature of the app is the lack of a cloud managing your data. In other words, no message will be saved in the cloud, on the company’s servers, from where it could become available to third-parties with access to your account. In fact, if you want chats to disappear, Bleep has a built-in Whisper function that lets you chat with friends and “watch messages disappear after they are read, forever,” as BitTorrent puts it.

The following chart highlights the similarities and differences between Bleep and other popular chatting applications, including WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Snapchat.

Just like any other chat application, Bleep also offers support for VoIP calls, in case regular messaging and whispering isn’t enough.

A video explaining the features for Bleep follows below, with Bleep download information available at the source link.

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